How I Find New Reads

Happy World Book Day! In honour of this auspicious occasion, I reckoned it would be fun to share where I find new reads or at least recommendations. Most book hoarders bibliophiles will tell you that aside from being asked where they find the time to read, they are also asked to recommend on what others … Continue reading How I Find New Reads

February 2018 Revisited

Hello Readers, I hope that you had a good reading month. February was a mixed bag for me. Just like everyone else, there were plenty of ups and downs. Honestly, I am sad that I still have not been able to meet a couple of big goals that I have been aiming for. But that … Continue reading February 2018 Revisited

Embracing Bookish Minimalism

Owning very many unread books does not spark joy. At least not anymore. There.  I said it. If you are short on shelf space like I am, you will understand the constant need for arranging, re-arranging and dusting that it is required to maintain an IG-worthy semblance of a  bookshelf. Especially cookbooks. Don't get me even … Continue reading Embracing Bookish Minimalism