Coming Up for Air

  Life in Kenya seems to be returning back to "normal". Well, apart from homeschooling-working parents who are juggling many priorities and the obvious 9 pm curfew.   With current events, I am seeking refuge in my beliefs, art and creativity. Lately, I have been spending my IG screentime on Morgan Harper Nichols page. I … Continue reading Coming Up for Air

Mid-year Reading Goals Check-in

In 2020 I am choosing to practise contentment. It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic played a major role in helping me hunker down and use a lot of the things that I had put off for the future including reading books.  Since we are at the half-year mark, I thought, let's see … Continue reading Mid-year Reading Goals Check-in

Why I Am a Reader (And You Should Be One Too!)

  Here are my top six reasons why I love being a bibliophile and you should be one too: Be the go-to person on particular subjects:  Let's be honest. It is gratifying when people seek your advice on a topic that you are knowledgeable about. This will help you in your career-employers and potential clients … Continue reading Why I Am a Reader (And You Should Be One Too!)

My Reading Intentions for 2020

    Happy 2020 Friends!!! It has been ages since I was last updated this space so let's begin with a recap: 2019: My Year in Review In 2019, I set out to read less. While the reading life is the best, I felt that it was taking away from other pursuits that would make … Continue reading My Reading Intentions for 2020

Why I Want to Read Less in 2019 and other Goals

2018 was a tough personal year for me which led me to seek solace in reading. Voila! I read 107 books and earlier shared my memorable books of 2018. As much as I enjoy requesting advanced readers copies (ARCs) from NetGalley, purchasing books and borrowing books from various locations, I was once again faced with … Continue reading Why I Want to Read Less in 2019 and other Goals