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A More Realistic Plan for Coping in the Distraction Age

The reason why there is “social” in social media is that we can keep in touch and build networks. Ironically, the more connected that we become via all these new platforms, the more blurry our personal relationships become. Advertisements

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Book Review: Better than Before

I have been reading self-help/personal development books ever since I was in high school and they formed the bulk of my non-fiction reading. Over the last 48 months, I think I have been reading the same messages in books, blog … Continue reading

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My Energy Project

2013  was an exhausting year for me. I discovered that I was not exactly a morning person so you can imagine that the love-hate relationship  I had with my phone alarm at 5 am. Or maybe it was just fatigue… As … Continue reading

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The Invisible

Lately, I have been resonating a lot with Sarah K Peck’s writing on her blog, itstartswith.com.   I was personally moved by this piece that was published on Medium.com that I read it four times!!! We are hungry for overnight success … Continue reading

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