Mid-year Reading Goals Check-in

In 2020 I am choosing to practise contentment. It is safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic played a major role in helping me hunker down and use a lot of the things that I had put off for the future including reading books.  Since we are at the half-year mark, I thought, let's see … Continue reading Mid-year Reading Goals Check-in

The Kitchen without Borders by Eat Offbeat Chefs

  Title: The Kitchen without Borders: Recipes and Stories from Refugee and Immigrant Chefs Authors: The Eat Offbeat Chefs Publication Date:  June 2020 Genre: Cookbook, Non-Fiction I love looking at cookbooks but I hardly use them even the few that I have purchased when I psyched myself to continue with my "glow-up"  journey. I tend … Continue reading The Kitchen without Borders by Eat Offbeat Chefs

Getting through the Messy Middle Pt.2

Having paid attention to US news and content over the last couple of days on the back of the pandemic and the racism in China, I feel like the world was burning. It got me thinking about police brutality, privilege and the many -isms that we deal with daily in Kenya. For my own mental … Continue reading Getting through the Messy Middle Pt.2

Human(Kind) by Ashlee Eiland

Publication Date: April 2020 Genre: Non-Fiction, Essay Collection, Memoirs Growing up in an upper-middle-class family in the 1990s was anything but normal for Ashlee Eiland. In Human (Kind), EIland recalls outstanding moments where she felt straddled between two worlds and the constant struggle to become her own people. She also reflects on key moments where … Continue reading Human(Kind) by Ashlee Eiland

Whiter by Nikki Khanna (Ed.)

Publication Date: March 2020 Publisher: NYU Press Genre: Non-Fiction Throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, skin-whitening advertisements promising "ugly duckling to swan" transformations are pervasive. While they are provocative, controversial and racist they are extremely effective in marketing and sharing the widespread belief that " light skin is beautiful". It is on … Continue reading Whiter by Nikki Khanna (Ed.)