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If We Went Hiking Today…

I would be glad that I finally got the opportunity to leave the hustle and bustle of Nairobi…even if it would be for a little while. We would probably share my veggie sandwiches, tortilla chips with hummus, apples and probably … Continue reading

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A More Realistic Plan for Coping in the Distraction Age

The reason why there is “social” in social media is that we can keep in touch and build networks. Ironically, the more connected that we become via all these new platforms, the more blurry our personal relationships become.

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My Favourite Reads of 2017, So Far…

Recently, Olive from the YouTube channel ABookOlive shared her criteria for picking her favourite books and eventually shared her favourite book of all time (for now). This got me thinking about how I rate my books

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On Being Unapologetic and Friendships

Before there was Awkward, Pretty Little Liars, Surbagatory, Vampire Diaries, yes, Vampire Diaries, there was One Tree Hill…

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Getting Out of My Bubble: Podcasts I am Listening to

I have to admit listening to podcasts and music makes my commute less daunting.  I don’t know about you but I feel so empowered or recharged and literally can take on the world when I learn something new, especially in … Continue reading

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