Life in Kenya seems to be returning back to “normal”. Well, apart from homeschooling-working parents who are juggling many priorities and the obvious 9 pm curfew.
With current events, I am seeking refuge in my beliefs, art and creativity. Lately, I have been spending my IG screentime on Morgan Harper Nichols page. I am grateful for artists like her who are helping millions like me process life as we know it right now. The simplicity and profoundness of her work sparked my creative juice. So Skillshare has been a game-changer for me.
In a nutshell, Skillshare is a micro-learning platform for creatives and those who are creatively-inclined to sharpen their skills. I love the sense of accomplishment I get after completing a class.  Another advantage is that most classes can be taken in less than an hour and are presented in a digestible manner. The best thing is that I can see results from what I learn almost immediately. For example, one of the tips that I got from Lauren Cox’s interior design class was to arrange my books by colour. I could see a marked before and after effect. I have also tried other classes in creative non-fiction and journaling. I am looking forward to taking a class on visual thinking,
I promise this is not a sponsored post. BUT if you would like a 2-month free premium membership trial you can follow this link that they give everyone who signs up.
I have also been going through the daily motions while finding pockets of reading time. After almost 2 years, I picked up Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way from my bookshelf. I devoured it within 2 days. The advice is not groundbreaking but I appreciated his straight talk and the historical anecdotes. Holiday does his research and breathes life into boring topics for people outside the Western world
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I am hoping to finish The Apology Impulse by the end of September. I have been reading this eARC since February and it is time to move on! Cooper and O’Meara noticed there has been a spike in the number of public apologies over the last couple of years. For them, what was more disturbing was how readily the apologies were made. Hence, they investigated the reasons for this trend and its implications for those aggrieved parts and other stakeholdersIt reads like a textbook but the case studies and authors’ commentary is quite instructive especially for communication practitioners. The next time an influencer or business leader or politician makes a heartfelt apology, I will definitely be taking notes
As I close, I am curious about two things:
  • What’s your favourite non-fiction book by a woman? (More on this in a later post)
  • What’s your favourite Skillshare class?
Let’s compare notes and discuss in the comments section below.
Stay safe and healthy.
Featured Photo: Photo by Joshua Abner from Pexels | Book covers: Goodreads

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