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Happy 2020 Friends!!!

It has been ages since I was last updated this space so let’s begin with a recap:

2019: My Year in Review

In 2019, I set out to read less. While the reading life is the best, I felt that it was taking away from other pursuits that would make me more a well-rounded human. Well,  I did travel, I watched loads of Netflix, met a couple of new people, hung out with friends and family, developed an interest in Korean culture and rooibos tea, learnt French, (temporarily) dropped Spanish (there were too many faux amis for my French teacher’s liking).

Yet I still managed to read 62 books. This was still this lower than my previous year’s 100+ books. However,  my reading experience throughout the year was above average ( My Goodreads rating was 3.7) and very few books were quite memorable. Though, I am quite proud of myself for participating in the Netgalley Reviewathon 2019 even though I didn’t update the post. Oops!

I also experienced bouts of buyer’s remorse after paying full price for some books that had been on my wishlist for a while. But the upside of that sadness was recognising that I have “specific” reading tastes and the books I am interested may not be readily available.

 The 2020 Plan

Upon reflection, courtesy of this article from Whitney of The Unread Shelf Project, I found that retail book therapy is real. Moreover, the more money I spend on new unread books collecting dust on my shelves, the greater the opportunity cost of other worthwhile causes like savings, travel and even learning new skills.

In 2020 I would like to practice contentment. Broadly, I am doing a low-buy, low-waste year and this will include my books and stationery. I would like to also remind myself that reading is not a competitive sport. Reading is not a race.


  • I have set my Goodreads goal to 52 books which on average that’s a book a week which seems pretty reasonable.
  • Go on a book-buying ban for at least one month. My first round will be  January and February 2020. Books that I can buy with no questions asked: Dear America Series (I am collecting the series) and Ruta Sepetys’ Fountains of Silence (It’s a 2019 release and Nairobi bookshops haven’t stocked it yet)
  • Read the unread books that I have on my bookshelves (physical and digital). I will be participating in Whitney’s The Unread Shelf Project.
  • Look for fiction books second hand, from the library or attend a book swap.
  • Only purchase new non-fiction books that have been on my wish list for an extended period, need for research, willing to keep for a long time and can’t be found second hand. I am planning on more targeted reading, almost like a personal syllabus for the knowledge and skills
  • Declutter and donate books that don’t spark joy and you are not willing to re-read them again.
  • I am allowed to buy new books after finishing 5 books.
  • I would prefer the gifts of skills (I need to fix and learn a lot of things), time (spending time with great people and brewed rooibos tea is always welcome) and experiences.
  • If you want to buy me a book, please ask me first or keenly study my Goodreads account, whichever one is easier.

I also noticed that I have been blogging for close to a decade.


I know that everyone talks about the death of (book) blogs.  However, I would like to continue to consistently share what I am learning from the books that I read. I hope that you enjoy visiting this little corner of the internet.


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