This is an actual screenshot of my NetGalley review shelf.  I have to admit that I have fallen behind in my reviews.

I love Netgalley as a resource and I am grateful for the opportunity to support authors while broadening my worldview. Nonetheless, I am reviewing my “book reviewing” process because I would like to review the books that I receive on time.

So far,  I have discovered that I do not enjoy triple reviewing both on this blog, my book journal and on Goodreads. So I have decided to write all my reviews mainly on Goodreads and include the mini-reviews on listicles and roundups on this blog…so you have to follow me on Goodreads to keep with the books that I am reading.  I am more eager to work on long-form writing and op-ed style articles.

This year, I am proud of myself for not being afraid to DNF books that I am not enjoying.  Honestly, there is nothing more draining than forcing yourself to complete that you don’t enjoy.  In the same vein, based on my not-so-pleasant past experience, I am not going to be accepting self-published books.

Hence, I am glad that the #Reviewathon that runs from July 22-August 30  2019 exists.  This month-long readathon aims to bring together Netgalley Reviewers and help them attain the coveted 80 % badge.  While I already have the badge, I have more than 15  books that are 3 months overdue. Blame it on my reading slump and picking up French. In my defence, I have already two books read that I am yet to review and I have a couple that I have already started and hope to complete within the month.

Though  I am actually a couple of days late to the party, I hope to catch up. I am looking forward to revisiting books that caught my attention and enjoying them.

See any books that I should bump up my TBR pile? Are participating in the #Reviewathon 2019? Let me know which books you are eager to catch up on, either here or on my IG:  @readmaterial. Let’s be friends on Goodreads .


One thought on “Reviewathon 2019

  1. That is exactly what I’ve decided with my books! So far it’s working great. I do short Amazon and Goodreads reviews for most books, and only the ones that completely blew my mind go on the blog. Otherwise it’s just too much work!


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