Title: Stitched with Love: 9 Historical Courtships of Lives Pieced Together with Seamless Love

Author: Various Authors

Publisher: Barbour Books

Publication Date: 01 January 2019

Genre: Romance, Christian

Stitched with Love is a collection of stories that are broken down into 3 somewhat overarching plots with 9 interlinked courtships. That was a mouthful.

Let me explain.

The first four stories focus on four ladies (Elsa, Betsy, Samantha and Diane) based in Hickory Corner, Ohio. They are part of a ladies’ sewing club organised led by their pastor’s wife Mrs Tidewell. She leads the group following the exhortation in Titus 2 that requires older women should mentor younger ones in the church. Then you will meet Deborah, Louisa and Rachel Lee’s romances are based on the Stafford Ranch in No Man’s Land (a strip of land between Kansas and Texas not claimed as a territory by the U.S. Government)*. Lastly, there’s Leah leaving in post-WWII Chicago who is a descendant of Brigit a tomboy from the Dakota Territory.

All these stories revolve around the art of sewing which lands them in situations that require them to show their skill (or lack thereof). In the long run, each of the stories leaves the reader with the impression that each character will find the right man; who will be able to bear their idiosyncrasies (case in point: read Louisa’s story in Double Cross).

My favourite short stories were Tumbling Blocks and Marry for Love which had me in stitches! Shaune Gerhard’s quick wit and sense of humour in Tumbling Blocks made me wish I could meet him over a cup of coffee. While Brigit in Marry for Love reminds me of myself. Special recognition goes to the authors for coming up with the Testaments!

Readers will enjoy that the richness of the characters and how sewing enabled them to forge lasting friendships. Stitched with Love is one of those books that you will enjoy as a pick-me-up or as a palate cleanser.

*Maybe this Wikipedia article will be of more help.

Note: This book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are mine

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