Title: Odd(ly) Enough: Standing Out When The World Begs You To Fit In

Author: Carolanne Miljavac

Publication Date: 01 November 2018

Publisher: Shiloh Run Press

Genre: Non-Fiction, Christian


Odd(ly) Enough is the journey of Carolanne Miljavac from a person who had all the odds stacked against her but emerged a stronger person. With a history of molestation, poverty, depression, drugs, poverty and tragedy she questioned whether there would be any hope for a person like her. Though she had grown up in a religious home, she did not earnestly seek God until tragedy struck her family in her adult life. Miljavac’s story shows that it is possible for God to use the most unlikely of persons in His Kingdom.

With her conversational tone, Carolanne authentically and relatably shares some of the hardest parts of her life- she does not hold anything back. But all this seems to be in good faith, for readers to learn from her mistakes and allow God to mould them into persons that He would like them to be.

The tone and writing style of the book made the reading experience to feel like they were a compilation of sermons or talks. Given its conversational style and Carolanne’s wit and sarcasm, readers might enjoy the book even more as an audiobook

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