…I’d tell you that  I do not get Nairobi weather! What’s a girl to drink in this heat?! Ok. Let’s try out Java’s infamous salted caramel milkshake. I can make up for it by walking home.

I am trying to read myself out of a reading slump. Since I reached the 50-book mark, I really haven’t felt like picking up anything serious. I have put my WWII- tastes on the back burner and picked up Willa Cather’s My Antonia. I actually wrote a whole review about it on Wordpad and then. I. didn’t. save. it.  But I finally got why people regard it as a classic. Hence, I have been reading lots of romance and historical fiction from other eras including The Poppy Field.

Spanish. I stopped my daily Duolingo exercises over the last couple of weeks because I got tired of solo-learning. For now. I am really yearning to have a conversation in Spanish with a real person. But practice makes perfect. Right? At least once you get over the awkwardness. In the meantime, I have been playing loads of Spanish music.

Do you buy and/or use cookbooks? You might know that I have been eating plant-based for over  10 years but I must confess that I have mastered cooking some of my favourite dishes. I am one of those people who take screenshots, clips and pins a gazillion recipes but does not make any of them. Well, recently I just tried making falafel the other day and that did not end well. But I am not giving up. I decided to borrow recipe books from my local library which surprisingly has an amazing selection for inspiration. Plus I have two cookbooks at home… so I will keep you posted.

Lately, Istanbul has been on my mind. I blame Kalbimdeki Deniz. It literally translates to the sea in my heart but it been titled Second Chances. I guess its easier to market. The cinematography is wonderful and made it bump Turkey up my travel bucket list to the near top right just under New York.

For a foreign TV Drama, it has so many layers and so many life lessons…I could write a whole book just dissecting it! ( I have taken notes.) The screenwriters nailed the dramatic irony and thematic patterning. Kalbimdeki Deniz addresses serious contemporary social issues like women’s rights and empowerment, domestic violence and the Syrian crisis in meaningful dialogues and dashes of humour (post-amnesia Fikriye constantly has me in stitches). Ok. Some of the lines are directly translated but it somehow adds flavour to the conversations even in the instances when Mirat (Kutsi) and Mustafa (Batuhan Eksi)  offer their two cents or quote a famous (but new to me) poets like Rumi and I am completely blown away.  I don’t think  I can highly recommend it enough.

I know that the hype over Sauti Sol’s recent song ft Nyashinki Tujiangalie (Let’s do some self-examination) has died down. But I can’t stop thinking about. Sorry, international readers. you will definitely need a someone fluent in Kenyan slang/sheng to understand this. I think it’s wonderfully written about the current issues that are plaguing us like endemic and systemic corruption, national debt and the accompanying hypocrisy around twitter activism. I don’t think I have gotten goosebumps from a Kenyan song since Eric Wainaina’s Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo  (Nation of Bribery) (It’s ok, you can figure out how old I am).

Speaking of age, I am celebrating another birthday in a couple of days. I do not know how I feel about it.  I am grateful that I am alive in 2018 despite its numerous challenges. It is a clear signal God is not done with me yet.  I mean I still have to go to Turkey and sip tea along the  Black Sea. Right?

Vancouver-based interior design Karin Bohn recently shared a short on being enough and I have it on the rewind.  She reminded me that my wants and needs like a minimal, Scandinavian-styled apartment with a neatly organised pantry or red bottoms ( I am kidding! I can’t walk in them even if I did not have a daily commute)  and my other deep-seated dreams are valid because I have them. I am enough to pursue them. Just watch it.

So what have you been up to? Have you been able to reach your 2018 goals yet? Are you doing the 19 before 2019?

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