Title: All the Colors We Will See: Reflections on Barriers, Brokenness and Finding Our Way

Author: Patrice Gopo

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publishing Date:  August 7, 2018

Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoirs & Biographies, Christian

All the Colors We Will See is a memoir written like an anthology of essays that trace Patrice Gopo’s memories as she wrangles with being a global citizen. She takes readers on a  journey to various places that she has lived and how they have shaped her identity including  Jamaica,  Alaska, South Africa and Zimbabwe to when was she currently resides in the US.

Through the use of metaphors, Patrice recognises that the emergence of identity labels as a result of immigration and globalisation and the misconceptions that arise. She says:

“We come from people who shed things and acquire things and then shed some more. Accents, languages, food, nationalities. The things we overlook and think that we understand.”

This quote also takes me back to an instance where she offered to wash dishes at a White friend’s house when she was a missionary in Africa during her gap year. This lead to an uncomfortable conversation which she internally observes:

“Maybe his consistent cringeworthy sentiments stem from his experience working from people from himself. Perhaps he thinks his life demonstrates cultural savvy or, even worse, racial hipness. Having lived for a good chunk of time in this African country, he possibly could imagine he’s earned some kind of immunity from the pesky problems of racism”

Patrice is honest and refreshing in the way that she and her family handled situations including the fact she and her husband struggled to fit into a predominately Caucasian church in North Carolina. Nonetheless, she remains respectful.

Readers will enjoy her wit and lyrical writing. Though, it is marketed as a Christian book (and she does mention scripture here and there). It is can be enjoyed by people of all faiths who want additional insights into raising a multicultural family in the US or on being a global citizen.

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Note: This book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley but all opinions expressed are my own.  A similar version was published earlier on Goodreads.

3 thoughts on “All the Colors We Will See By Patrice Gopo

  1. This is a lovely review. I appreciate that you mention people outside of the christian faith can also appreciate it. Following your lead on the challenges society often presents us, I have to recommend thta you check out the Selah Branch by Ted Neil. It was such well done piece by Ted Neil. He delicately lays out racial and social injustices we still face that today, that were also painfully present in the 1950’s. I really enjoyed this one, I thin you would like it too. I found out more here, http://www.tenebraypress.com.


  2. Thank you for this review. I look forward to reading it. Her global experience has shaped her perspective in multiple ways. I also want to say thank you for the recommendation of the Ted Neill title, Heather. I have heard of him before, I will look him today. Happy reading everyone!


    1. Hi Diann, Thanks for your compliment. But I think that you may have confused me with another blogger- I do not read science fiction and fantasy.
      Let me know what else you are reading.


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