Title: Switchers: How Smart Professionals Switch Careers and Seize Success

Author: Dawn Graham

Publisher: AMACOM/ HarperCollins Leadership

Publishing Date:  June 26, 2018

Genre: Non-Fiction, Business & Investing

According to statistics, most Americans will spend around five years of their lives in some type of job search activity. Further, the numbers also say that one is likely to hold eleven different positions in the course of your career, and each job search might take six months or longer.

Enter Dawn Graham, the Career  Director for Wharton’s Executive MBA Program with Switchers: How Smart Professionals Switch Careers and Seize SuccessDr Graham outlines the process of making a shift from different functions (functional shift), industries (industry shift) and even locations to attain their desired careers.  From her experience as a former recruiter, licenced psychologist and an expert radio host, Dr Dawn addresses the internal and external barriers that professionals encounter. She recommends that switchers should focus on an empowered approach of the 4 Rs: responsibility, reality, risk and resilience in order to ease the job search journey.

Throughout the book, Dr Dawn helps the reader to make an informed mind shift in this journey which she terms as one of the greatest barriers in this process, She also helps the reader to see the recruiters and hiring managers perspective so that the reader can be a fit for their prospective employers. In  her words:

Hiring managers are not interested in your “desire to learn” or “passion for the industry” if you don’t have something concrete to offer them immediately.

Graham advocates for continuous career management which includes regularly updating one’s resume, micro-networking and learning in order to make to make career switch more seamless and organic.

Switchers fills a need in the business/ self-help genre by compiling timely and practical information into an accessible form.  This book would be a great resource for anyone thinking of making a career jump or someone fine-tuning their career plans.

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Note: This book was received from the publisher via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own. This review was originally posted on Goodreads. 

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