white and pink floral ceramic tea set on white textile covered table beside white and black printed book

Drinking: KETEPA’s earl grey tea. This is not a paid mention but so far, I think its the best in the Kenyan market…so far. It steeps very well and the price point is VERY reasonable.

Reading: more than 50 books before the end of 2018! I am so excited that I surpassed my Goodreads goal of 50 books in mid-May.  I am making headway in the unread shelf project but not as much I  would like…

Wanting: more day trips outside of Nairobi. I am the literal opposite of the phrase Tembea Kenya (Travel around Kenya)

Playing: Spanish music more often. I am training my ears to get used to native speakers so all suggestions are welcome especially lyric videos

Wasting: ok. “wasting” time on my Duolingo app. As I mentioned I am really into Spanish again so part of my process is checking in daily on Duolingo. I know that this is mainly for beginners. But its gamified structure has helped me to reinforce stuff that I had learned a while back and highlighted areas where I have to work on.  The Duolingo Stories are also quite hilarious. Doing the exercises has become almost second nature to me these days. Don’t worry, I am supplementing it with other material. I found Evan Edinger’s advice (here and an update here) on how to use it very practical. Again... this is not a sponsored mention.

Creating: loads of content outside of my blogs. Hopefully, I will be able to share them with you soon enough.

Wishing: I could get my hands on an inexpensive dot-grid notebook!  This bullet journal phenomenon has not passed me by. I have tried it other kinds of notebooks but I am not happy with the results.  So I would love local options before I try out Amazon. A special shoutout goes to Miniso.  I am loving their good quality notebooks.

Enjoying: the Business Wisdom series on the Courage and Clarity Podcast with Steph Crowder and guest, Megan Hale (start from episode 90). I have been dabbling in freelancing and this series helping me debunk myths that I have been holding as an early career solopreneur. In general, just go through the podcast’s archives, I am sure that you will garner hidden gems.

Loving: Alisa Turner’s new Album Miracle or Not on rewind. I don’t think that I have resonated with an album like this in such a long time. You just have to listen in for yourself. You can start with one of my favourites, My Prayer for You

Hoping: to visit Karura Forest soon again. I have not been there for weeks since it’s on the other end of town. But  I am definitely looking forward to forest bathing again.

Wearing: loads of layers-sweaters, cardigans, boots and socks. And loving it! Mother Nature is not pulling any punches with the cold weather this time around.

Following: Greenbiz ‘s 2018 top 30 under 30. I love these kinds of lists because they give me an idea of how people have charted their career paths and possible options that I should look into.

Noticing: that sometimes you need to stop and take stock of the things that you have achieved. For example, I love that I can link back to previous posts on this blog, proving that the little by little, everything comes together.

Knowing:  that planting trees is only part of the solution to conserving the environment. I need to be more active in living a low waste lifestyle. We don’t need natural disasters to remind us of our earthly responsibilities.

Feeling: that there’s nothing good to watch in the news. These days news bulletins serve up at least a three course of national corruption scandals, daily.  I am so grateful for books, music and Youtube.

What was the highlight of your May and what are you looking forward to in June?

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