Title: When God Says ‘ Go’: Rising to Challenge and Change without Losing your Confidence, Your Courage or Your Cool

Publisher: Barbour Books

Publication Date: May 1st, 2018

Genre: Faith, Non-Fiction

“God’s call isn’t about our age, our experience, our qualifications, our giftedness, our skill set, our appearances, our intelligence, our connections….”. This is the common clarion call that Christians get throughout  their lives to participate in various forms of ministry. However, their main challenge is reconciling one’s heart, mind and actions. Elizabeth L. Thompson understands these inner struggles and attempts to help her readers take down the various inner barriers that prevent them from “making the jump”.

Elizabeth injects her own creativity to bring to life several characters and the possible ways that they might have reacted when they got their own direct and indirect calls to fulfil their missions despite their perceived inadequacies. Readers will immediately imagine Moses at the burning bush or Mary having the talk with Joseph about her extraordinary pregnancy.

She does not give the wrong impressions that readers should take up all the opportunities that come their way. This might involve looking for ministry opportunities in  one’s backyard:

Right now God may not be calling you to move to a new city or seek a new job or assume a new role. God always wants us to move forward but that forward motion often happens fight where we are, in the life we already have, among people we already know. Sometimes God tells us to go and stay: Stay home, Go back to an old place with a new attitude. Show His grace to our family. Share His love with our neighbours. Go deep. Love hard. Grow strong. Serving God isn’t always loud and dramatic and full of transition, most of the time it’s quiet. It’s humble. It’s simple. And it’s hard work.

At the end of every chapter, she provides questions and resources for readers to reflect, meditate and journal as they reflect on various decisions that may be weighing on their minds. When God says “Go” will be a good book to use a chapter per day devotional because there is much to ruminate on.

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Note: This book was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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