This post is for the second-guessers and anyone who wants to pick up a beloved hobby that’s archived in the museum of procrastination

As you have shared before, you have had a long-time affair with Spanish. Now it’s time to make legit.


Thanks to Dottie James, you committed to stop half-assing things and changing your life. Part of adulting is developing grit. Recall when Angela Duckworth’s book Grit first came out and you were excited about it? Well, you still have not bought the book or read it but that’s not the point here. She shared in a podcast that her and her spouse, allow their kids to take up all sorts of interests and passions. However, they were given a specific time limit to indulge themselves before they can give up, since financing their passions is costly both in time and money. But more importantly, she is keen on teaching them the virtue of perseverance.

Well, you are no longer a child and you have loads of “commitments” (not including the usual bills). I am pretty sure that you can squeeze in  Duolingo 30 minutes a day while you wait for your date or for the matatu (bus)

You are scared of the time, sacrifices and effort that you might  will have to put it in. You have already committed to the unread shelf project and April Blog Post challenge. You think that you may be overstretching yourself.  But let’s be honest fear is the word. The only proven way of conquering fear is taking action.

Future Kerry will thank you.

In case you need more convincing, here are a couple of reasons that  you will hopefully look back to in case you need a gentle reminder of you why:

For the longest time, you have been scared to admit that you have watched more telenovelas than you cared to admit. Although you are not as invested, they were a part of your formative years. Mostly because you were attracted by the soundtracks. But the song that cemented your decision to take Spanish classes was Time of Our Lives by Il Divo and Toni Braxton, You heard it while cleaning the house and didn’t even know that it was the official song for one of the World Cups. Must have been the one hosted by Germany. The funny thing is that you are not even a football/ soccer fan.

Fast forward to 2017, you are cleaning the house again and then you hear Grande Eres Dios by Jaci Velasquez and Nick Gonzalez; you are finally convinced to revisit your Duolingo profile and you have been doing great!

You have always been interested in Spanish culture especially in Latin America. You have always been able to draw parallels between Africans and Latin Americans. You appreciate the vibrant colours in the aesthetics and their vibrant colours even though you couldn’t salsa to save your life. Let’s not even begin to talk about the food. They are a hotbed of all sorts of  superfoods:  maca, quinoa, chocolate, avocados… I am sure that there more indigenous foods that have not even been publicised by the great food bloggers. If that’s not enough motivation to save up for a  trip or two, I do not know what is.

Now that you have a lot more time on my hands,  you need to make optimal use of it. Yes, you are constantly sharing your fascination with deep work and productivity. But are you really practising what you preach? It’s one thing to make “loud” proclamations and another to have evidence. You need to take it a step further in using your screen time for good. Yes, reading is a good use of your time but it will better to build your personal arsenal of superpowers by having Spanish under your belt. Wonder woman is still on your mind

You have been (day) dreaming about travelling to Latin America and Spain both for work and pleasure but you have been delaying your decision to re-engage in it because you don’t have immediate plans of going there.  This past week, on the Courage and Clarity Podcast, Lauree Ostrofsky of Simply Leap challenged you to make a paradigm shift:  you should enjoy the journey towards your goals. In the event that a particular opportunity that aligns your current situation,  you will not be able to pass it up.

You know that your spiritual life is important you. However, every once in a while you like to shake things up a bit. That is why you were drawn to the Jaci Velasquez song.  It reminded you of the thrifted Spanish Bible that has been collecting dust on your shelves for a couple of years now. Yes, it is a bit battered but it can be a very valuable tool. Just think of all the verses that you could recite in Español.

In addition, You have sorts of tools at your disposal including our old books, the internet. Plus if all fails: head to your trustworthy inama (second hand)bookshop.  So no excuses. Start where you are with a plan of action and your available resources.

Being a millennial, self-actualisation is part of your DNA. Learning Spanish will have a special place in your heart since it is associated with a number of good memories but you would like to make more in future. Stretch yourself.  Recall, what Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella once said in this interview with Steve Bartlett:

It’s not about the sacrifices, but the choices

If you need additional motivation, just see this old HSBC ad about the museum of procrastination. No, you are neither the bank’s brand ambassador nor do you have shares. You just love great adverts.

One final note, I am rooting for you

Yours truly,


Note: This is not a sponsored post. Photo Credit: Dan Gold on Unsplash

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