…I would probably order a decaf mocha because I am trying to reduce my caffeine intake but yet to succeed with my yo-yo attempts. It seems that coffee has become my comfort drink since I have rationalised that I don’t take alcohol and french fries really do not it for me anymore. Plus the way to this girl’s heart ain’t with chocolate.

…You told me that you went back to taking soy more often. I recall that I do have some in my pantry. Hopefully, there’s some left so that I can “brew” for these cold and wet mornings that we are experiencing these days.

…I would be keen to know what new vegetarian recipes you are trying out and if you are taking part in any upcoming marathons before the infamous Standard Chartered in October. I will bring up the fact that we have postponed visiting Karura forest for far too long and we should diarise it asap because we are not getting any younger.

.. I would be eager to find out what you have been up to; what projects have been keeping you busy and which exotic places you have been to for work and/or pleasure. Then I would remind you to please bring me a postcard or a brooch from a thrift/ second-hand market that you happen to pass by. Those are the best kind of unique presents to have when you are away from your loved ones. Plus immigration won’t bother you about excess luggage.

…I would tell you that I am pretty bummed out about some career opportunities that have not been working out lately. You would know that I am not the whiny type but everyone gets discouraged every once in a while. I would let you know that I am still holding my head high and trying to make the most of the situation at hand. I would share with some online people whose words have been a source of encouragement lately. Starting with Leigh Kramer:

It’s easier to practice contentment when the sun shines and you’re basking in the glow of dreams no longer deferred. It’s harder when we’re in life’s waiting room, unsure of how situations will resolve or when not knowing if what we long for will ever be realized.

…A subtle change in demeanour started then and strengthened in the last few years. Whatever I’m facing, this is my life. I don’t want it to pass me by. Sure, I’d prefer the trials and tribulations make a speedy exit but not at the expense of learning whatever I’m meant to learn. I think I mean that. Most days, at least.

One of my favourite Rilke poems from the Book of Hours starts with this: “She who reconciles the ill-matched threads of her life, and weaves them gratefully into a single cloth.” Yes, this. This is my call, my dream, my anchor.

You should read the whole blog post–> HERE

In the same vein, I would bring up Dottie James who has been on my mind ever since I saw her YT video about how she was going to change her life over the next 365 days (and counting). Despite her personal issues, she decided that she was going to make every day count and improve her quality of life by following through with mundane to-do lists but make all the difference. Dottie seems to be quite accomplished with even a TEDx talk under her belt  (she just turned 22).

Anyway, she inspired me to take conscious steps every day in order to stop half-assing through life (for some reason, I love that word but need a better substitute). I have been making a To-Do list at the beginning of each week and constantly referring to it. Part of adulting is showing up for your life and doing the non-sexy things in order to make room for the fun things.

Plus having one of my best friends as an accountability partner has been good for this obliger. I know that Dottie’s idea is nothing out of the ordinary or earth shattering but it has made a whole load of difference in my seemingly ordinary life. And yes, she does remind me of a younger Keira Knightley.

…Sarah K. Peck’s words of wisdom seem to pop up in my life when I need them the most. I have been following her for 5+ plus years and although she is in a different stage in her life as a new mum, I still resonate with her. I revisited an old post where she eulogises her grandma by sharing suggestions on how to live a fuller life. One of my favourite quotes from this season of my life is:

Do as much as you can. Don’t retreat from not knowing into complacency. Use inability and ignorance as fuel for learning and propel yourself into a world of wonder by constantly expanding the foundation of knowledge you have. Do it. Because nobody cares about what you did not do.

I would tell you that this has been my mantra over the last couple of days and sometimes I feel like writing it down over and over again so that I can remind myself not to become complacent or to give up especially as I am working through a demanding professional project.

…You would know that by bringing up Leigh Kramer, Dottie James and Sarah Peck’s words, how much I have agonised over FOMO and second-guessing myself has caused so much grief over the missed opportunities. I would reiterate that after much thought, I really do not want any kind of famous because it’s fame is not for everyone.What’ important to me is contentment not a mediocre life.


…You would be interested in how my blogging projects are going and I would ecstatically fill you in on that I recently hit over 200+ subscribers on WordPress alone. Nonetheless, I would tell you that I have been itching to change my blogging format. Yes, NetGalley has been a wonderful platform for reading ARCs. I mean I was so excited to see Alexis Okeowo’s A Moonless Starless Sky in various Kenyan bookshops and to some extent, I felt like I kind of contributed to bringing our local shelves. I still would like to work with various publishers through this platform. However, I would like to take a different approach in how I share my content and provide more reflective lessons. I was further convinced by this decision especially after recently watching seasoned booktuber Ariel Bisset sharing her decision to make more documentaries about books.

…I would share that although I have been a big proponent of Cal Newport’s Deep Work, I have faced many obstacles in trying to more productive especially while working from home especially because I rely on wi-fi for a lot of things. Plus, for some reason, I have been mindlessly falling down my IG rabbit hole. However, Minnie Small recently got me inspired to pick up my Spanish again through Duolingo as an alternative to IG or other social media apps. Also, Gretchen Saffles of Well-Watered Women reminded me of the importance of picking up God’s Word before facing the World by scrolling and swiping through my phone (#WordBefore World). I have noticed how much of a difference it has made in my overall demeanour and how much of a positive person I am in the morning.

… I would be curious to know what’s on your everyday playlist. Lately, I have been listening to lots of throwbacks like the Les Mis soundtrack, I have not watched The Greatest Showman yet but just like Wonder Woman and Black Panther, I am waiting for all the hype to die down before I can appreciate them. So no spoilers, please.

One last recommendation that I would make after splitting a spinach and feta cheese fold over, is listening to Emily P. Freeman’s The Next Right Thing. You know that I am not the woo-woo kinda of a person, but I listening to her podcast when I am winding down for the day or when I need something to meditate on especially after a long day

I would give a brief hug so that I do not keep my Uber waiting and ask that you call or text me once you got home.

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