Hello from cold and wet Nairobi!

The rainy season is finally upon us and there is nothing better than snuggling with your favourite hot drink and a good book.  As a reader over the last two years, I have been keen on diversifying the stories that I have been reading. Hence a while ago I made a list of books that are set outside the Western World.  By this classification, I mean stories that are not based in countries in North America, Western Europe and Australia. I would give myself extra brownie points if the book was written by an author who originated from that country. This also perfectly ties in with this week’s Today’s Top Ten Tuesday challenge (hosted by Jana- That Artsy Reader Girl) theme of books set in another country.

So following the growing interest in my earlier post, I thought that I should continue to suggest more titles that I have read and reviewed on this platform that you may find interesting. I will be a bit biased and include books set in Kenya because I think that they don’t get much airplay…

Have you read any of these titles? Let me know your thoughts and it would also be great to get additional recommendations.

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Books Set Outside the Western World

Photo Credit: Aaditya Arora via Pexels | Updated 27 March 2018

4 thoughts on “Books Set Outside The Western World Vol. 2

  1. I have read three of the titles on your list, the two set in Kenya and Memoirs of a Muhindi. I am really intrigued by A Moonless Starless Sky because of all the locations. Adding that to my TBR. Great post!


    1. Thanks Diana. A Moonless Starless Sky definitely left quite an impression on me last year. I have seen it in various local bookshops so you should give it a shot.


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