Hello Readers,

I hope that you had a good reading month. February was a mixed bag for me. Just like everyone else, there were plenty of ups and downs. Honestly, I am sad that I still have not been able to meet a couple of big goals that I have been aiming for. But that did not seem to get this girl down…

One shiny (blogging) spot was exceeding 200 followers on!

I am grateful to my loyal followers over the years and to those who recently joined.  I am amazed that you would take time to read my posts especially at a time when most people would rather post on Instagram, Snapchat or make a Youtube video. I believe that Alice from The Geeky Burrow eloquently discussed this in her post on missing old school blogging. I am looking forward to more interactions, getting to know more about you and your bookish tastes and continuing to build this online community.

Back to books.

I am glad that I was able to read 10 books and with  5 books pending. Thanks to this post by Simone from Simone and her books, I  realised this month that NetGalley has made me an e-reader convert. I never thought that I would be able to say that in my lifetime. Let me explain. I am still a die-hard fan of hard copies especially for non-fiction titles and purchasing books from Amazon is not my jam. Moreover, I am trying to inculcate minimalism into my daily practices including carrying less stuff in my everyday bag and my back is thanking me for it. I appreciate that I have advanced access to books before they are published and for free! In some way,  I feel like I contribute to the publication world especially when I am not obligated (a far-fetched feeling, I know). Plus, I have been reading some interesting titles. (This is not a sponsored post, btw.)

For #theunreadshelfproject2018, I have managed to read two books; not as much as I would have liked but at least some progress has been made. Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o’s The River Between was a book that I am glad that I picked up because it reminded me of a part of Kenyan history that I had forgotten about. Moreso, because I attended a secondary school founded by missionaries. A review post will be up soon.

Isabel Allende’s Portrait of Sepia seemed like a great book to pick up especially because it had been on my shelf for a long while. But for some reason, I have not been able to go beyond page 2. I am seriously thinking about un-hauling it.

On other sad bookish note, I read Sula and boy did I feel like hurling it across my bedroom. I found it to be a disappointment as compared to God Help the Child which is a more recent work by Ms Morisson. Hopefully, the following statements are not spoiler-y but I think the book should have been titled after their town -Bottom. Sula’s storyline was not the main focus of the story until almost 1/3 of the book.The book is less than 200 pages. Then the language did not seem to draw me into the storyline at all.  The only book that has ever evoked such a similar strong emotion is Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout who also seems to be booktube/ book blogging darling. Needless to say, both books are no longer on my shelf. I am beginning to feel that I may have to un-haul other titles without reading them. I have Beloved and Paradise still on my TBR and hopefully, they are more pleasant reads.

So here are the books that I read (or not) in February 2018…

Books Read

**Review Coming Soon

Books that I DNfed or paused for now

  • Portrait in Sepia by Isabel Allende

Books Read from The Unread Shelf Project 2018

Other non-book reviews  posts

My main goal in March is to participate in #MiddleGradeMarch, a month long reading challenge hosted by Krista from Books and Jams and Katie from Life Between Words.  I will be sure to post my TBR list in a future which will basically be a selection from my TBR shelves.  Along with reading the 5 books pending from February.

I am curious, which book did you read in February 2018 that you would recommend for me to read?  Bonus points if the book is based in Latin America or Spain.

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One thought on “February 2018 Revisited

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my blog post! Congrats on your 200 followers!
    I haven’t read as many books as I wanted for #theunreadshelfproject in February, so I hope March will be better. 🙂

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