February is unanimously the month of love to celebrate romantic love and sisterly love. I figure that’s why I went a reviewing spree on Netgalley. So I picked up three upcoming titles from the My Heart Belongs Series by Barbour Books that will be published in 2018. The 10 book catalogue will encompass books set in the between 1776-1940 favouring the 19th century across different locations in the US.

Title:  My Heart Belongs in San Francisco, California: Abby’s Prospects

Author: Janice Thompson

Publisher: Barbour Books

Publication Date:  01 March 2018

English socialite (not by today’s definitions) Abigail (Abby) Effingham will do anything to keep her parents together including travelling across the country to find her mother, to convince her to come back home. Escorted by her chaperone and long time confidant Neville, she makes a train journey but makes a detour in San Francisco due to unfavourable weather that blocks the railroad tracks. In the growing town, she makes unlikely friendships with a hotel owner, Sam Harris and his cook and mother-figure Cookie along with other not so upstanding citizens. Sam is enamored by Abby and her English ways  but wonders whether he will be able to make her cut from her wide pool of suitors, given the high male to female ratio in their town.

Abby’s Prospects was a delightful read and readers will enjoy seeing Abby come into her own when is forced to make ends meet in a situation is out of her comfort zone. I am glad that Ms Thompson add more diverse characters such as Jin Xiang, a former Chinese prospector who settles on working at Sam’s inn and Lesley (Les) Jenkins, a former 49er turned farm owner who enrich the story lines. I personally fell in with Cookie’s wisdom and Neville’s dry humour coupled with their parental love for both Abby and Sam. The book provided me with insight on how Christians lived out their faith in a place that surrounded with the pursuit of greed.

If you enjoy reading about San Francisco in the 1800s, then this definitely the book for you. The quick facts on the California Gold Rush at the end of the book will provide book nerds with a great starting point for anyone interested in researching more about this time in history or if you are just a general knowledge junkie.

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Note: This book was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an  honest review

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