Title: Educated: A Memoir

Author: Tara Westover

Publisher: Random House Publishing

Publication Date: 20 February 2018

Genre: Biography & Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Educated documents the life of Tara Westover who raised by survivalist parents in Idaho but went on earn a PhD in history from Cambridge in 2014.  Her parents were steeped in the Mormon faith and believed that their lives were much better without depending on the government and its mechanisms.  Hence, Tara spent her childhood being homeschooled by her mum who is a self-taught midwife and worked with her father and her siblings in their junkyard and construction business. As a teenager, she realised that was possible to go school without necessarily compromising her beliefs when one of her brothers gets accepted to a prestigious university. She decided to take her chances despite her father’s disdain. We then get to follow her in readjustment journey in university until she earns her doctorate degree.

Throughout the book, I was engaged and was eager to learn about her journey and her she was able to reconcile her faith and her new world. Readers will see her personal growth and empathise with her difficult decisions that her loved ones for her own wellbeing.  Educated will make the reader reflect their faith and its impact on their lives and where to draw the line with religious extremism especially against the backdrop of today’s world of  “conspicuous” consumption and technology overdependence.

I believe finally, that education must be conceived as a continuing reconstruction of experience; that the process and the goal of education are one and the same thing. – John Dewey.

Educated is definitely a worthwhile read for anyone who would want to read outside to seek to understand a person of a different religion and how it affects their everyday life. This book has already garnered a lot of recognition from various outlets including Entertainment Weekly Most Anticipated Books of 2018, it would be a good one to keep on your radar.

Note: This title and book cover was sourced from Netgalley.

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