Yes, just like everyone else I am excited with the clean slate that comes with the new year. I came across The Unread Shelf Project on Instagram that is being hosted by Whitney of The Unread Shelf Kate of Katereadsbooks_ and Christina of Calsreads.

So I decided to re-arrange my shelves just to assess my situation…

People, I have over 100 titles on my physical TBR.

Granted that approximately 70 percent is second hand. When I did the math…people that money would have been enough to fund a mini-getaway.

A few hours after this shocking revelation and making peace with myself, I came up with a game plan.

  • Don’t be afraid to DNF a title.

    For those of you who are not familiar with the book blogging/booktube lexicon, DNF means did not finish. Yes, I used to be one of those people who read a book that I was not enjoying it to the bitter end. But in 2017, I became more ruthless in the with my finite time on this earth.

    So if I felt that  I had been graceful enough with the amount of time and energy that I spent on a book (usually 50-100 pages, depending on the size) and the book was still not bringing it, it would end up in the DNF pile.

  • Cull my shelves of unwanted books:

    This was already done before the book count in 2017. I was impressed at how I was able to be ruthless and even let go the whole Anne of Green Gables books 1-8.  But this will be more done on a more frequent basis.

  • Do another ‘no-buy-no-borrow-no request’month

    In mid-2017, I was able to go a whole 31 days without buying books. I am hoping that I will be able to extend this in 2018 with doing on every quarter. The only books that I will be buying are titles that are part of the Dear America ser

  • Only borrow two books at a time; to curb my impulse buying habits and hopefully tame my  bank statements

    I am so proud of myself for joining the national library this year which comes with a two-book borrowing limit. UUUUUuuuugggh! Although the library has a pretty awesome collection of both fiction and non-fiction titles, I will be focusing on accessing non-fiction so that I can be able to build my career capital.

  • Use my unread books to meet my reading challenges:

    In 2018, I want to keep things pretty simple. Currently, I am only doing the Goodreads challenge (spoiler alert: it’s still at 50) and Modern Mrs Darcy challenge which seems pretty straight-forward so I am hoping to meet the challenges easily.

  • Prioritise books that I owned before 2017

    This is quite embarrassing but at the same time very self-explanatory.

  • Get my unread books to under 100

    I am hoping to take down my TBR by half.

Last year, I was able to comfortably pass by my favourite clothing shops and spots without picking up anything but books is definitely a whole different ballgame.

Y’all books are my crack.

Though I am not on a complete ban and I will still have access to my local library,  there’s a certain high that comes with browsing a bookshop or book pile at one’s local inama book pile.

Quite recently, fashion stylist Lauren Messiah reminded me that everything does not have to be comfortable.   

So just like any other addiction, I am expecting that there will be moments where  I will be beside myself. But  I will remind myself that I have a mini-getaway to look forward to with all the money that I will be saving. Yes, I plan on rewarding myself with Ksh 100  (slightly under $/£ 1) with every book that I finish.

So, here is to 2018: the year of slow reading.

I am curious,

What are your ambitious goals (bookish and non-bookish) for 2018?

Have you tried a book-buying ban before and what was your experience? What (dis-) incentives did you use?


Photo Credit: Glen Noble on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “The Unread Shelf Project 2018 :Year of Slow Reading

  1. For the past year I created a rule for myself where I was only allowed to buy a book if I read 5 of mine. I find I still get to have a new book but have to work for it and it works pretty well.
    I really like your idea of having a month of no buying/borrowing/requesting, I want to try that!

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  2. My goals for this year are:
    – Getting my TBR pile to zero (it’s now about 30 books)
    – Reading atleast 12 classics this year, with the goal of one a month
    – Reading 52 books in total
    And until I’ve finished my TBR pile I’m on a book ban. Oh boy wish me luck with that haha


    1. Hey Dorine. Let me know how it goes. I am currently working with paying myself for every book on my USP. So far, it’s been great but I have had to make peace and DNF some books. What Classics are on your TBR?

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      1. Same! I’ve been dnf books a lot more than I used to. I own Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights, I’m really excited to read those 😍 But thanks to the library I have a whole list of classics I can read there 😍

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