I have to admit listening to podcasts and music makes my commute less daunting.  I don’t know about you but I feel so empowered or recharged and literally can take on the world when I learn something new, especially in the morning…

I have to admit listening to podcasts and music makes my commute less daunting.  I don’t know about you but I feel so empowered or recharged and literally can take on the world when I learn something new, especially in the morning.

As I write this, the only imagery comes to mind is Superman has been zapped by loads of kryptonite and has to be laid in the sun to recharge his alien batteries (How will you know that I FINALLY watched  Batman vs Superman) but I digress with my nerdiness.

I have not yet gotten on the audiobooks bandwagon so podcasts its next best thing to get into the minds of people that I admire and having mental conversations with them or to be more informed about topical conversations.

For someone who commutes via matatu in Nairobi, where you have got no say on what gets played on the airwaves and especially when you do not want to attract attention or do not want to make conversation with your co-commuter, audio media is a welcome relief. So I have got no problem, riding a slightly beat-up matatu sans music.  More so, now that we are in the electioneering mode in Kenya, when I get tired (so quickly) of the political rhetoric and want to escape to different times and worlds.

So in case, you are in need of an audio retreat,  here are some of the podcasts that are on  my playlists:

 The  China-Africa Project

Ever since I discovered Eric Oleander, a seasoned academic and Cobus van Staden an academic in Asian-African media, I have not looked back. I have gotten a lot of insightful views on Sino-African relations and I am definitely more informed on a lot of the grey issues from across the board. One of my favourite shows was when they dispelled the myth that is not Chinese prisoners who are building African infrastructure.

Perfect for: People interested in international relations and political affairs or willing to build your cultural awareness

Start with: A Career in China-Africa Research | China-Africa vs China-South America | China’s complicated status with South Africa | Chinese Tourism in Africa

The Art of Manliness- Brett McKay

You guys are probably wondering why in the world Kerry would listen to a show targeting men? I don’t remember how I stumbled on this show but it showed up in my life when my feeds were flooded with self-help. productivity and creative entrepreneurship. And I just needed a breath of fresh (podcasting) air.

Though Brett McKay does discuss some of these topics, he forays into history, psychology, life skills, parenting, professional advice as well as tips on physical activities.  He definitely gets a thumbs up for the early 20th Century inspired themes.

Perfect for: Someone looking for advice on life skills, pop culture and history from a male perspective or if you looking for something that you can listen to with that guy in your life. You could also be one of those people who likes to stock up on general knowledge and shares tidbits when random conversations dip into awkward silences.

Start with: Deep Work in the Age of Distraction|  The Classical Education You Never Had with Susan Wise Bauer | Got Grit?  with Angela Duckworth

My Taught  You – Myleik Teele

Thanks, Jess Lively for introducing me to Myleik Teele because I look forward to her podcasts every week. Quite honestly, I think I stalk her on all her social media channels except Snapchat because I am not on that bandwagon yet. Myleik is an  African-American female entrepreneur who shares her experience because she feels that there’s a huge mentorship gap among women of colour. She is very open about her love for continuous learning and books which earn her several gold stars in my book and she has helped me re-think my views about seeing therapists.

Though her podcast does not have bells and whistles like other podcasts(which suits me just fine), her straight-shooting nature will definitely keep you hooked. One of thing that she keeps reiterating and echoes my current perception on life: You can listen to all forms of advice or views but you only take what you need.

Perfect for: When you need someone to give you a reality check or a pep talk to get you out of your comfort zone; Anyone thinking or already in business.

Start with: These are in no particular order and there are so many good episodes that I have resonated with me in my “time of need”. Tell the Whole Story | Interior Design and Mentorship with Tavia Forbes |Ryan Holiday talks about why Ego is the Enemy (where I learnt that calendar anorexia is actually a word) | Handling your own PR with Amy  Elise Jackson

This is your life-Michael Hyatt

He has branded and earned himself the title  “virtual mentor” given his experience as the former CEO  and Chairman of Thomas Nelson and now the CEO of Michael Hyatt and Company. He always makes me feel like I am having a conversation with a father-figure on business advice. The show is co-hosted by Michelle Cushatt and Stu McClaren who are authors and speakers in their own right and definitely add their bits of wisdom to their conversations. He reminded me that you don’t need to constantly look for mentors by setting up coffees, they can be found in books, online resources and in your backyard.

Perfect for: Someone who is seeking advice from a father-figure or seasoned business executive

Start with: Becoming an Evernote Ninja| Michael’s Top 10  Productivity Hacks  | The Disciplined Pursuit of Less with Greg McKeown

The Lively Show with Jess C. Lively

She is not a stranger on my blog since I have listened to her from Season 1, Episode 1. Through her show, I have discovered some real people on the internet like Erin Loechner, Myleik as mentioned above, Lara Casey among others. I have enjoyed a number of shows and interesting conversations and you can actually see/hear her growth as a podcaster. However, I must admit that of late that I really do not listen to her as much as before since she forayed more into quantum mechanics and I am not really interested in “woo-woo” stuff. Nonetheless, I still dip in and out of her archives because entrepreneurship stories challenged me.

Perfect for: Someone keen on intentional living and entrepreneurship.

Start with: Amber Housley- Investing in Yourself| Jay Papasan-The One Thing | Brooke White-Accepting and Embracing your Talents |Gary Vaynerchuk on Self Awareness (At last I got to learn how to pronounce his name!) |Alisa Vitti -On Flo-Living

The Blueprint Show

Though this show aired for only one season with  12 episodes, it deserves special mention because it was so well produced and having a host with quite a name, Chika Chukudebelu. Though I do not have any interest in working in Los Angeles’ creative industry,  I definitely did garner a lot of lessons from the show.  Just listen to all the episodes because they will let know how creatives started from the bottom to where they are now. This show is definitely worth your time.

The Portrait of a Freelancer by Ariel Bisset

Ariel Bissett has an awesome youtube channel. She is a multi-talented creative- she makes cool videos and zines and she decided to extend her repertoire to include podcasting. After graduating with a degree in English, she decided to be a creative entrepreneur as a  full-time gig and this podcast is meant to document her journey. Though  I am not creative in that sense, I so appreciate and to be honest I just think she’s a cool person to follow.But seriously in terms of content, just like in her youtube videos, she breaks everything down into a digestible manner in a conversational tone. Her methods are inspired by George Orwell.

Perfect for: Someone considering being a freelancer especially full time

Start with: She is still in season 1 so you can basically listen to all of them

Podcasts that are on my radar but I am curious about:

S-Town: Yes I am late to the party

The Conscious Chatter

The Partially Examined Life

More or Less: Behind the Stats

The Liturgists

The Simple Show

Disclaimer: you will notice that I have not included Kenyan or African based shows because I have not discovered those that tickle my fancy. However,  in case you have some good ones to share, please do not hesitate.

Photo credit: Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Getting Out of My Bubble: Podcasts I am Listening to

    1. The Art of Manliness will definitely be a good start. Just browse in the archives, if non of my picks pique your interest or what you are feeling but it’s no secret that I love Cal Newport who speaks a lot about Deep Work.


  1. Read it. Loved it. Thanks. I am a podcast addict too, so I can identify.
    You have a repeated paragraph in the section talking about Myleik Teele.

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