• Drinking lotsa  herbal tea: Loving Kericho Gold Pure Green Tea and  Lemon &Lime blends from my favourite tea mugs (Thanks, Piriya!).image
  • Getting back into the swing of  blogging
  • Writing those applications
  • Fangirling my favourite booktubers
  • Catching up with old and new friends. Marvelling at the great strides that they are making in their lives and hoping that I am also a great shoulder for those who need one.
  • Getting back into the swing of cooking for more than a party of oneimage
  • Hanging out with my sisters.
  • Realising that I am blessed to have a cousin who risks  his life for our country.
  • Visiting House of Leather on a not so regular basis. Don’t you simply  love their stationery section?  Thanks Brenda for the lovely card!image
  • Finally finding Ha Joon Chang’s Bad Samaritans…can’t wait to  dig in.
  • Inama  Bookshops…how much I love thee but how you can put a dent into my savings account. The Dear America series has been helping with my reading slump.image
  • Though I have not  read Marie Kondo’s book,  I am taking baby steps in simplifying amd decluttering  my spaces. I am so proud of myself for not buying any clothes in 2016 so far. Now to apply  my book ban…
  • #FebruaryistheNewJanuary.  After  watching  Mae’s video on  goal-setting, I am convinced that fresh starts should  not be based on an arbitrary  date like January 1.

Borrowed  this  idea from Katie. Check out her wonderful blog here.

Please share with me  what got you through the long month of January.

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