The Top 14 Smartest Purchases in your 20s

A few weeks ago, Google reminded me that I had taken another spin around the sun and that the big 3-0 is just around the corner.  With birthdays and end of year celebrations comes self -assessment and as I have tried sharing before on this blog (see here and here), money decisions are the most important  that  you will ever make in your 20s. Here are the top 14 ones that you (and I) need to prioritize:

The 14 smartest purchases to make in your 20s Read more:


Source: Business Insider


About Lillian

I am a proud student of the human experience which provides me with the perfect excuse for being a bibliophile (read: book hoarder) and the unofficial patron of Nairobi Inama bookshops. But in my past life, I was a recorder player. You can also find me on Medium (@lillianyamongo) where I discuss sustainable finance.
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2 Responses to The Top 14 Smartest Purchases in your 20s

  1. rubye cheeseman says:

    Timely blog post . Coincidentally if you are wanting a KE P11 , my husband found a template version here


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