Living abroad for  the last couple of  months has created a thirst for all things Kenyan. Well, at least that  has been my excuse for  monitoring the Kenyan corner of YouTube.   Well, apart from the  usual Churchill and #TheTrend, I have been watching  past episodes of K24’s Young Rich. Being  human,  I love learning  from  other people’s stories  especially homegrown  ones  especially as I look forward to starting my own ventures in the near future.   But more importantly, somebody wise once said :

Experience is the best teacher, as long as its not  your own.

As big shot entrepreneurs hit Nairobi this week (and not forgetting our long lost son, US President Barack Obama), I  would like to share some of  the  stories that  have  inspired me  in the  recent  past.

1.Eric Muli

CEO,  Alpha Force Security and Zabamba

Why should watch him: By the  age of 7, this  Top 40  under 40 alum had a black book of  investments and had made Kshs. 10,000.    He credits his parents for helping him  invest in his talents by  making him work for his money from an early age  and allowing  him to take an entrepreneurship-based degree in college #NoteToParents.

Quotable Quote:  Change can’t be carried out by other people


2.Caleb Karuga

Former  TV Journalist and Owner of Wendy Farms

Why  you should  watch  him: 

You may remember  from the  K24  show ” Kazi ni Kazi” as Kenya’s  very own Mike Rowe where  he showcased  the  daily grind of ordinary Kenyans.  This  is  honest interview for anyone  contemplating taking a dive into agribusiness. He  says  that  his  biggest mistake was  buying a car…three months after being employed and he still has it a reminder of the naive decisions that he has made.

Quotable Quote: Encourage yourself



3.Thandiwe Muriu

Budding self-taught Kenyan beauty and fashion photographer

Why  you should  watch  her  

She is another  case of working  hard during her school holidays  that has contributed to her early success

P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the other amazing photographers)


4.Lucas Maranga

CEO, Happening Ventures Ltd

Why  you should  watch  him: He not only had a short stint in banking  but  he also turned down the opportunity to  live in the diaspora  to build a his life and  business in Kenya.  Mr. Maranga explains the  importance of building  relationships to build   your business. As he succinctly puts it,  ” I  must know you,  like you and then I can you work with you.”


Image credits: Unsplash|Jeff Sheldon


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