It was about time. I have missed  being  in this space. Kerry’s Blog  may have  been  quiet for  a  while but I have been trying to keep up with everyone via Twitter. Though  my schedule will still be  hectic over the next couple of weeks, I am committing to posting at least once a week because my  readers are important to me. Over the next couple of weeks, there will be a couple of tweaks here and there to  improve  your experience on this space.

So this is what I have been upto lately….

Flowers in bloom and in my fave colour @Botanical Gardens


Watching endless YouTube for healthy eating ideas and trying to  satiate my planner addiction. Loving Domestic Geek and  Jenny Penton .Plus anyone in social media especially  if you want to up  your YouTube game, you should  watch Amy Schmittauer on Savvy Sexy Social

Reading journal article after journal article. Now I know why PhDs stand for Permanent Head Damage.

I wish I was smart as this guy
I wish I was smart as this guy-Trip to the Glasgow Cathedral

Making couscous salads!  Seriously, recipes can’t get easier than this. I  never  knew that  such a  grain existed in my life. The  first time I heard couscous,  my  mind went back to the  DeeDee and  her imaginary friend called Cousy who had incurable laughter ..remember from  Dexter’s Lab….in Cartoon Network ( Yo! Shout out to the kids who grew up in the ’90s). Anyway, this  grain is  super-cheap, nutritious and its is a perfect substitute for  rice.  Does anyone know where I will be able to get in Kenya? Next on my cooking list….quinoa.

Missing Kenya (without the floods and terrorism) like crazy. I can almost hear Jean Valjean singing “One Day More”

Eating chocolate and vanilla ice lollies. I never thought that summer would roll around.

Drinking lots of water. I am finally raising my water drinking game.

Needing xoxos from my family plus all-day train ride across Scotland or England.  Every time we pass through  the  countryside, I feel like someone threw me on the set of some Jane Austen movie. Well, this one reminded me of the Count of Monte Cristo

View from Edinburgh
View from Edinburgh

Loving the Swahili translation of hashtag (alama ya reli) and social media (mitandao ya kijamii)

Marvelling at the flower bush across the street from window. Every time I peep outside, someone is taking time to smelling the roses, literally.

Thinking Plotting my Post-Glaswegian life including the future of Kerry’s Blog

Feeling anxious about my dissertation.

Listening to Josh Wilson and Laura Daigle. I recently discovered Mercy Me’s new album.   The jury is still out on this one. But I can see why Shake got incredible reviews. I think I Can Only Imagine and Crazy will be my top picks from them. Special mention goes  to Myleik Teele’s #MytaughtYou Podcast. I have been ploughing through her podcast over the last week and I think I am that I am almost done going through. I definitely love her #MyleikBookShare on Instagram.

Wondering what it would have been like to live in 1940-1950s era. I love their fashion. Think Mad Men.

Noticing that my hair needs some more TLC. The Scottish elements have not been kind to it….Yes, I am on the shea butter bandwagon but I am definitely giving my tiny locks extra attention. Watch this space.

Wishing that I could find a cure for my paper addiction  or that my fairy godmother would send me either  this, this or this  before I get a year older.

Enjoying the sporadic Scottish heatwave

Horsing around at the Botanical Gardens
Horsing around at the Botanical Gardens

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