Privileged. Blessed. Lucky.

These are all words that one of my good friends used to describe me. After all, I had been admitted to one if the best business schools in the UK albeit in the world.

In my mind, I was rebutting all of his adjectives with the words:

Imposter. Imposter. Imposter.

Even as I boarded the plane in mid-September to Dubai so that I could connect to the UK, I kept thinking,

‘What have I done ?’

Just earlier in the day I was basking in the Kenyan tropical sun. Once I got my visa at 2:30pm, I “miraculously” appeared Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 7pm to check-in with the help of my parents super-packing skills. Thanks to my father, the only reading material I had was Development as Freedom by Amartya Sen. (I can’t believe I left behind my brand new copy of Susan Cain’s Quiet.)

Fast forward to January 2015,  two panic attacks,thousands of  essay words,copious amounts of hot chocolate and  lattes later,  I survived my first semester of graduate school in a foreign country. I seriously need to get a  t-shirt.

Photo By S. Charles

In the midst of meeting new people, discovering haggis  and not getting a frostbite (yet!),  I have learned more about myself. I have stretched my personal limits  and reassessed my values.   I know that those I should value those  who are important to me and remind them that they are important. I have learnt that  hard work pays. Yes! ( St. George’s Grassland Academy, Nakuru anyone?)  This was reaffirmed to me through Caroline Mutoko’s youtube video, where she talks about the  limits that  you should go achieve your dreams,  snow and ice included. Here’s the video in case you missed it.

In  light of this, I will be taking a hiatus from  Kerry’s blog to focus  more on my dissertation. Don’t worry.  I will be quietly tweaking the website so that I can incorporate some new things especially about graduate school.  Please stay in touch on Twitter and Instagram.

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