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The fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine  industry has come of  age in  Kenya with the  increased number of  publications and even the  quality has grown.   I am  not an active buyer of these magazines unless they have a must-read story or interview.  However, I like  buying past  issues of both local and international magazines because they are way cheaper and provide  great fodder for inspiration and for scrap-booking.

The Edition is currently  the only contemporary magazine that  I  subscribe to.  As I  once told someone,  ‘I feel that   I represents  who I am as a young and upwardly mobile  professional in Kenya’.  The magazine  presents various quotes depending  on the theme of the issue in  creative, pin-worthy ways.  I love the  whole  outlook and  the content is quite  relevant to the East African Market .  I hope to  be reading it  for many  years to come.

Reading Harvard Business Review (HBR), Business Daily and other business publications  is a habit  that I picked up from my dad  who is a  very personal-development-oriented.  Growing  up, we also had  copies of  The  Economist, Time, Newsweek, Management and HBR  laying around the house.  Back then, I  used to flip through  and admire  covet the luxurious  watches and  handbags advertised   with the hope that  one day I will own one ( I still do). Now that I am  in the world of Finance, I  have learned to  look beyond the   glossy covers and read the actual  fascinating content.

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This is difficult  to say since I  have I am currently using Bloglovin‘ as  my blog reader.   Please check out my A-List for the websites that I   normally refer to, for any  various hacks and  my curated list of favourite things.  I have to give special mention to  Clare Herbert whose   blog inspired  me to start  my own. Sadly,  she stopped blogging at  to  focus on other  exciting projects.    Nonetheless,   she  curates  random and interesting stuff on Pocket Reads and  still writes on Writings and Chats.  Jenny Blake, author of Life  After College  also  has  great curated posts


Goodreads has become one of my favourite apps  for  updating  my reading list.  Though nothing  beats  browsing in a brick and mortar  store and flipping  through a paperback.  The  streets of Nairobi  are teeming with  lots of  hidden gems.   Growing up. I devoured Nancy Drew,  Sweet Valley series, Pacesetters series  and I can’t  forget The Baby Sitters Club. ( How will you know that I  grew up in the 90s ?).  So  when I discovered  the Dear America series, I become  hooked and I am in the process of collecting them. You can read about my love affair with  books here.   Just for the record,  I do read African publications. I am  slowly  warming to Chimamanda  especially after Americanah.  Though, I am yet to read Yvonne A Owour’s  Dust, that is  resting on my shelf.

Currently, I am an  WWII binge and reading The Forgotten Voices of the Second World War. I am  looking for  books  or novels that  shed some  light on the British  gulags in Kenya during the  independence years.  If you have any recommendations, please  share  with  me and fellow readers in the comments below or on my twitter handle: @lillianyamongo

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You can check on my books on Pinterest  and Goodreads. Please   do not  shy away from recommending any good books.



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5 Responses to My Favourite Reads

  1. leeshinyoung says:

    I’ve read The Book Thief and enjoyed it a lot. I have Water for Elephants but haven’t read it yet. I gave away my copy of Reading Lolita in Tehran without reading it first. Good thing my friend lives a few block from my apartment, I could always borrow it from her. I like your blog and your books^^


    • Lillian says:

      HI! Its great to hear from you. Its quite rare to find someone with similar reading tastes especially across the globe. The Book Thief is definitely one of my best books, along with Les Miserables because they remind me of being human. Water for Elephants and Reading Lolita in Tehran are still on my bookshelf waiting to be read as well. I tried them out but I was not able to get through the first few chapters. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched the Water for Elephants movie first. For now, I have put all my ‘fun’ reading to indulge in Economics. 😦


      • leeshinyoung says:

        Ah! Les Miserables! One of my fave film. I haven’t read the book, yet. I have this weakness of not wanting to read the book once I’ve seen the movie. I guess I should overcome that weakness huh! But between the two ( movie and book) I would still prefer the book. What about you? 🙂


      • Lillian says:

        I can’t say. I read the book and felt that I gave the story. But at the same time, I watched the movie and even got the soundtrack….I am only missing a t-shirt 😉


  2. leeshinyoung says:

    Btw, this isn’t my book blog. My book blog is this:


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