My Side of Suicide


Robin Williams’ sudden demise has definitely affected people the world over. I hope that we can carry with us the memories of laughter and other things that make us human.

I normally do not re-blog posts but I resonated with Emily’s and thought that it is worth sharing.

The Bookshelf of Emily J.

I can’t help but think that any one of us could have been in Robin Williams’s place, yet we are here and he is gone.  His suicide has left us weepy, reeling, and grief-stricken.  His suicide has made a statement, one of the need to better address and treat those with depression.  While he cannot be here to continue that conversation, we are.  And because I too have suffered from depression, I can use my voice to talk about my experiences, as uncomfortable as that is for me.

I had my first taste of what Andrew Solomon called “the noonday demon” when I became a mother.  The first few weeks and months of my daughter’s life were overwhelming and lonely.  I began to wish that I could escape, even if that meant death.  I talked to my physician about it, and she decided it was “only” the baby blues.


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