We live in the world our questions create

-David Cooperrider

I recently stumbled on an article on appreciative inquiry, a theory  developed by David Cooperrider which holds that questions focusing on strengths and using positive language are far more useful to organizations than questions with a negative focus.

The  Harvard Business Review blog post by Warren Berger explains  appreciative inquiry in a bit more detail and offers 5 common questions  leaders  should never ask.Now that we are all leaders  (with or ) without titles, I thought that this would be worth sharing:

Questioning is undoubtedly a valuable leadership tool. Asking the right questions can help business leaders to anticipate changes, seize opportunities, and move their organizations in new directions.

But how you question is critical. Questions can be great for engaging and motivating people , but they can just as easily be used to confront or blame, and can shift the mood from positive to negative.

Read the rest here


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What do you do?



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