Happy June! Happy Friday!

I am always excited about having a clean slate:the chance to make amends and set  (& achieve)  my goals.  World Cup is only a few days away and I am sure that all you soccer geeks are muy excitos!  I have allowed myself to only support one  team : Espana. Period.

May was an exciting month. Reading  Essentialism  was a  great treat because the  book was released early  this  year  and is already  available in Kenyan bookstores  (bought two weeks ago)! …  I waited months before I could get a paperback copy of Lean In.   Enough of the rants.   Greg has reminded  me why I need to focus on the important things in life. Since I am still soaking it in, look out for the review next week.

I dipped my toe into the pool of guest writing. I had the wonderful opportunity to  share work-life lessons from Les Mis on Career Girl Network. Other things that I have  been writing about:

What keeps you up at night?

A little vanity a.k.a Taking Stock (Ok. I posted this one yesterday)


I thought  I should squeeze in a few links to help you prepare for the new month:

How to pair shoes with suits  (Professionality). The post is focused on menswear but ladies could also take a couple of hints…

Content curation 101: how to use storify (Blogging Bistro)

How to quantify your resume bullets, when you don’t work with numbers (The Daily Muse)

In case you haven’t heard: Ben Casnocha is  launching a new book!


Enjoy  your weekend and  be good.

Yours truly,



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