Nyamongo Sisters

Cooking: lentil soup, lentil curry, yet to try lentils choco-chip cookies

Drinking: less than 1litre of water….not proud of myself

Reading:Essentialism by Greg Mckeown (look out for the review)

Wanting:a larger brooch collection. I am crazy about them.

Playing: Jess Lively’s podcasts. Can’t wait for Thursdays 5pm Kenyan time. Just  about to indulge in the latest one, here

Wasting: too much time watching Bakery Boss, Kitchen Boss, Cake Boss…. I am not much of a baker but Uncle Buddy makes some serious art! I enjoy learning the business lessons and different types of pasta.

Sewing: NEXT!!!

Wishing: I was going on a solo road trip ala Liz Gilbert.

Enjoying: long hot showers. I know, I know that it affects climate change and global warming (in the long run) but this is the only thing that seems to relax me…lately

Wondering: how I will survive World Cup mania… Yaani soccer players earn what I make in two years, in a week ( minus endorsements, appearances….) Oh well.The one team that I can & will support: Viva España!

Loving: my short natural hair. it has been a year and a half since the big chop…. the feeling of freedom is incredible!

Hoping: I can get my small sis a decent birthday gift

Marveling: at my ipad mini. I am in love.

Wearing: Ngomas with skirts and dresses

Following: Modern Mrs Darcy

Noticing: I have too much purple in my wardrobe.

Knowing: I am more than the sum of my mistakes (Cue Bruno Mars’ just the way you are)

Thinking: a lot about safety, love, minimalism/essentialism.

Bookmarking: Too many posts on Bloglovin’


Check out This is Ess’ version



2 thoughts on “A little vanity goes a long way (a.k.a Taking stock)

  1. I love this post because it speaks to my desire for a long overdue lone road trip and my need for more long hot showers. Where does one get brooches anyway? I’m thinking of expanding your collection. Maybe I can get myself one.
    Cheers to the new month!


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