I am one of those people who take time to adapt change. I love my comfort zone, routine, knowing  what goes where in my spaces…so when all these terrorists decide to raid my country, I am not a  happy person. If you have been keeping up with the Kenyan media,  you will probably know that there have been  a series of  bombings , linked arrests by the police and not to  mention the  shooting of Makaburi .  Now, our   government is  searching all the estates that  tend to have a Cushitic populus, mine included. All this  has left me questioning whether everything  will  ever go back to “normal”.

A  short while ago, I stumbled on  Kurbaan . Well, I was  channel -hopping  I saw this  good looking Bollywood actor i.e. Saif Ali Khan… well, you catch my drift.  Kurbaan means  sacrificed and tells the story of a  Hindu girl Avantika (played by Kareena Kapoor)  marrying  a Muslim guy Erhsaan (Saif Ali Khan) and migrating to the United States. Later she discovers that  she got hitched to a world -class terrorist a la Osama Bin Laden.  Well, the  movie  surprisingly did not have the typical Bollywood music  between scenes (at least I did see/hear any) and  it  was actually one of the few serious  crime drama   Bollywood movies that I have ever watched. I did not even notice that I was reading the sub-titles.  The  movie  tried to highlight the reason why Muslims turn to jihad and   how it affects their families.

This movie and  the on-going raids  within Nairobi have forced to me to re-examine  how I treat people of Cushitic origin.

By the way, I hope we still do not hold onto the misconception that all people of Cushitic origin  practice Islam.

I ride the matatu (read bus) with them everyday and always wonder what  goes through their minds.

Do they still feel Kenyan as we do?

Is that why Egypt is sometimes viewed  as an African State?

Do they think that we are stealing judgemental glances at them?

Would they trade places with us, “normal people”?

I have heard some people argue that Cushites  should not feel targeted because the government went on a similar rampage among the Kikuyu  community when the Mungiki was a menance…Is it that really true?

Have you watched Kurbaan? What  were your thoughts?  More  importantly,  what lessons did you draw from it?

Blogger’s note: This is a bit of a random post. Nonetheless, I felt the need to share my thoughts. This is a very controversial issue at the moment. Please  be careful with your comments