I have a confession to make.

Well, a few confessions to make …

Over the last couple of weeks, I have  not been reading as  much  I normally do , because  life… taking care of my family, researching a  paper on governance  and  trying to adjust to the new situations at my place of work. That  has translated into  me hiding behind “My Fave Things’ posts in the name of regular posting.  Don’t get me wrong. I  love curating  great stuff on the internet but I believe only a few people have the same kind of nack like Molly .   I really want to push  my boundaries as a writer and  write lengthier (and meaningful) posts especially now that I want to experiment with other forms of print media.

Enter Copyblogger.

I have been following it  for the last couple of months and   it has been my go-to site for   great advice on how to improve my  blog outlook, SEO …… Well, if  you are like me  unfinished ideas filed under drafts on  your  dashboard or  your swipe file is continually growing but  the  juices are not flowing, check out this poster:



Image of 10 Rules for Writing a First Drafts Poster



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