Show Your Work!

Hello friends,

I hope that you are enjoying  your weekend.  I stumbled on this  great poster on Austin Kleon’s blog  which is amplified in his newly released book: Show  Your Work!


10 ways to share your creativity

Check out the rest of this great post here



About Lillian

I am a proud student of the human experience which provides me with the perfect excuse for being a bibliophile (read: book hoarder) and the unofficial patron of Nairobi Inama bookshops. But in my past life, I was a recorder player. You can also find me on Medium (@lillianyamongo) where I discuss sustainable finance.
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5 Responses to Show Your Work!

  1. jpeggytaylor says:

    Austin Kleon thinks interesting thoughts doesn’t he! Did you ever see the interview he did with Chase Jarvis when ‘Steal Like an Artist’ was just published?


    • Lillian says:

      HI Peggy! I wish I could represent my ideas in the simple but profound way like he does. Please share the Chase Jarvis interview link. . I would love to see it.
      Looking forward to more of your Spring Season posts


      • jpeggytaylor says:

        Hi Lillian
        I agree – he manages to distill ideas into simple thoughts that on the one hand seem obvious, yet on the other hand we may have just never thought about. Clever, and useful! It reminds me of the children’s book by Dr Seuss’s – The Thinks You Can Think … “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the Thinks you can think up if only you try.” 🙂

        This is Chase Jarvis interview link :
        It’s a lot more of his simple yet profound approach to creativity. I find the concepts very useful as an aide memoire.
        Ah, there will surely be more Spring posts soon … I feel it in my bones 🙂


      • Lillian says:

        Just watched the video. Loved it. The quote ‘ steal from one artist and they call it plagarism, steal from many, they call it research.’ got me giggling.
        This talk has come at a time that I have been thinking a lot about vulnerability/project hangover as I have been an inner debate, ‘to filter or not to filter’


      • jpeggytaylor says:

        I’m so glad you loved it! Yes, I thought there were some great quotes capturing some great ideas in there. Hope it helps with your work 🙂


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