Sure,  we all know that  14th February is Valentine’s day.


Did you know that  it’s also  International Book Giving Day?

Unfortunately, like  you  I got learn about it  quite late  and  thus I did not celebrate it.

You know me. I never tire talking about books. As I  have reiterated here and here. They have  made who I am today.   Justine Musk takes  the words right out of my mouth:

When someone tells me they want to write, I always like to ask them what they read. It’s not just out of curiosity – although I am always curious about what people are reading, always one to sneak a glance at the title of the hardcover novel my neighbor on the plane is reading, always one to wander over to the bookshelves in any strange room I happen to find myself in – but a little test of sorts. Maybe it’s fair, maybe it’s unfair, but the plain fact is that most people flunk it.

The test is this: Do you read obsessively?

You can read the rest of her article, reading is the inhale, writing the exhale

With this  in mind,  help me support Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE)  is partnering with  Grab a Book to  adopt a  library at Shadrack Kimalel Primary School Nairobi, Kenya.  This initiative will help foster reading culture at a  tender age and encourage children to  express themselves better in  writing. 

How you can get involved?

The cost of setting up a library is as follows:

i) 300 books to be bought at Kshs. 200 which amounts to Kshs. 60,000.

ii) 3 puzzles/games going for Kshs. 4000 which amounts to Kshs. 12,000

iii) 3 shelves going for Kshs. 12,000 which amounts to Kshs. 36,000

The total cost of setting up of the library is Kshs. 108,000. You can help support this cause by either making a monetary donation or by supplying books.

Book donations can be dropped  at Nailab, 4th Floor, Bishop Magua Centre on Ngong Road.

Monetary donations can be sent via M-Pesa to 0704 090 471.

You can contact  BAKE via their website or Twitter @BAKE_ke or via or contact: Grab a Book


2 thoughts on “How You Can Put a Book in a Child’s Hand

  1. What a great initiative. I found out about this international day too late as well, but we still celebrated. I set up a children’s reading space on a small island in Fiji, it’s one of the most rewarding projects I have undertaken. I’m really looking forward to celebrating this day ‘properly’ next year


    1. I am excited that you stopped by, Vanisha. Over the last couple of months I have been wondering which charity I could support. I may have found my “social calling”. So next 14th Feb, its a date!


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