I am a born tao (Born in the city) and proud of it!

I  could  tell you why  but I would rather show you…

Prints_Mutua Matheka Photography Market-15

Prints_Mutua Matheka Photography Market-13

Prints_Mutua Matheka Photography Market-3

These lovely prints are by Kenya’s own Mutua Matheka, a talented photographer that I would love to work with someday.  For more beautiful Nairobi cityscapes, see here. Interested in buying? See here

Seeing  reminds me of my ‘Kenyaness’,  how far the wananchi (ordinary people) have struggled to build  this country and  why I should do all in my power to preserve our culture and oneness. 

So the next time, you spread hate speech, lift a stone against a fellow  Kenyan or  throw a  grenade  for  the sake of mindless killing, think about what  you are destroying.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Yours truly,



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