Lately, I have been resonating a lot with Sarah K Peck’s writing on her blog,   I was personally moved by this piece that was published on that I read it four times!!!

We are hungry for overnight success and quick fixes that we do not take the time to see behind the scenes of great athletes, philosophers, politicians, parents, entrepreneurs…

Sarah puts it best….

What you don’t see, however, in the compression of space that the internet proffers, are the years and years behind each of those plans, the sacrifices made in exchange for the work put forward. The money spent on the time off. The years spent writing the books. The hours spend alone behind a guitar, learning, string by string and chord by chord, how to map the sequence of rhythms and sounds into your fingers until your body knew it so well your mind forgot the need to think about it and it just became a part of who you were. The first step. The commitment to take the time and space to be you, to do the work that only you can do, and to be different and delightfully weird in the ways that only you can know how to do.

This essay gave me a greater appreciation of blood, sweat and tears that go into any passion project.

I am grateful to all who appreciate my labour of love on  Kerry’s Blog. Thanks for being there,  reading my thoughts and all your comments.

Yours truly,



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