Today I  listened to  Sarah K. Peck’s podcast interview on  Joel’s Zaslofsky’s   Some of the  issues they  discussed include:

  • giving other people  permission  to be themselves
  • the concept of “being enough”
  • grappling with addiction.

My favourite part of the conversation was definitely  giving  permission to others.   Every time, I meet someone new or an acquaintance or someone have not seen in a long while,  I grapple  with  small talk. So I end up asking  “What are you doing lately? or  ” What do  you do ?”    These  questions tend to make the other party freeze and  think about saying  something that will be socially acceptable  by linking it to their jobs and/or some income generating activity.   I know .  I do it all the time. Which is  why I can’t wait for Jess’ new  book that seeks to explain the connection between self-work and career.

That’s where we get it all wrong!

We are more than our job titles.

In any case, in today’s world  job titles do not hold much weight in comparision to  value or impact generation.  I mean,  how else would you explain the number of people leaving  high paying corporate  jobs to  travel  the world and do all sorts of philanthropy. But more importantly, everyone is constantly changing jobs in order to  improve themselves, because we are  all still in the process  of writing our own stories and each  chapter  will be  different as the plot thickens (pun intended).

Next time, instead of  asking ” what do you do? “,  try  out these lines from Sarah:

What is exciting you now?

What are you working on right now?

Where are you coming from?

What questions are you thinking about lately?

Tell me your story.

Give other  people (and yourself) permission.

Having followed Sarah’s blog for a long while,  I can’t help  but say that she  has a beautiful mind . For more on Sarah  and what she writes and  designs about, visit here

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Last updated on 3 February 2016


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