Happy November,

Some of my friends  in certain parts are discussing which fall and winter colours  they will be dressed in for the next couple of weeks while I am busy shopping for some comfortable  sandals, slingbacks and peep-toes.   The Nairobi sun has proven to be unforgiving and I have to confess I am looking forward to the next holiday.

October went with the wind  and Kenya is looking forward to celebrating 50 years of independence.

Anniversaries and birthdays always take you down memory lane and give you that chance to reflect, cry , laugh, chastise and move on.  My recent birthday, that  was spent behind  my computer did  exactly that.  Here are some of my reflections:

  1. Always have passport size pictures in your wallet/purse especially if you are in the middle of some application process.
  2. Everything adds up. Learning comes in all shapes, sizes and in different places. So, pay attention
  3. Hugs make life better
  4. You can’t possibly live without a pair of comfortable shoes
  5. Fear will always be a hindrance
  6. Early morning me-times are one of the best times to get your reading or writing mojo on.
  7. While we are on the subject of reading, always have some reading material in your handbag or man-bag….one of the best  ways to kill time in a  Nairobi traffic jam, when queuing….I promise, you won’t regret it.
  8. Paperbacks will always rule over e-what-you-may-call-it (at least in my perfect world)
  9. Listening  to someone with your  whole being is one of the best gifts ever
  10. Never apologize for  being yourself and never use it as an excuse
  11. Sorry  Mary Poppins but just a spoonful of  sugar does not always help the medicine go down. Bitter pills are a necessary evil if you want to learn a life lesson  once via the hard way.
  12. One other special thing: genuinely praying for the people who you love and don’t love.
  13. You need to get  vaccinated for the following disease that has the following aliases (especially if you are 20-something):
    • Obsessive Comparison Disorder (OCD)
    • Analysis Paralysis
    • Comparisonitis
  14. If you don’t define success, it will remain a UFO that you will never take a picture of  -Paul Angone

  15. There’s persistence, there’s consistency and having a stick-to-it-attitude. Then, there’s just plain ol’ stupidity. Some things don’t always give
  16. You have to fire your mentor, sponsor or (fill in your blank) when (s)he’s just not into you anymore.
  17. Focus more on the IRL (In Real Life) than the URL. (Pssst! You’ll have even more to share online).
  18. You are more than the sum of your past mistakes-Tenth Avenue North
  19. Doodling makes the world a better place
  20. This is your time.This is your dance (Michael W Smith)
  21. Whoever said eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper was spot on.
  22. Everyone needs a feel-good-pick-me-up playlist. Les Miserables’ One Day More is definitely on mine.
  23. You can never go wrong with handwritten notes, letters, journals and cards
  24. Black goes  with everything that you could possibly wear except your soul.
  25. Faith is not a Mr or Ms, America contest-Paul Angone


4 thoughts on “25 Life Lessons in 26 Human Years

    1. Hi Kat! This is a disease that we suffer from day in day out. So far, I have learnt that by focusing on the path that I have set out for myself keeps me grounded. I got a newsletter from Susannah Conway some time back with a copy of The Permission Slip. The opening line of the ‘poster’ is: You are allowed to unfollow the people who make you feel bad, the ones who curate their lives like interior design magazines, WHOSE DAY NEVER SEEMS TO BE FILLED WITH THE DIRTY DISHES OF YOUR REALITY

      In short, there will always be someone better than you. There will be someone worse off than you. I think we should bench mark ourselves with ourselves or as many fellow bloggers are reiterating: be you!

      This is also my daily battle and my focus (and I hope yours too!) is winning every day 😉


      1. Awesome. I like that quote… Something kinda related: When I was growing up, my parents kept telling me I didn’t need anyone’s permission to do something for myself. Like start a project, research something, make a game, etc. As a young adult, I realize we tend to crave someone’s permission to let us do things.


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