Hi friends!

I am glad that my favourite month of the  year  has finally swung by.   I am looking forward to very many birthdays (including my own) and  happiness especially after last month’s tragedy.

Kenya  has mourned over the last couple of weeks and we are still  in the re-evaluating ourselves… I hope that the show of  solidarity  will extend and not just cease  after this issue has been resolved.

On to some good news:

  • My  good friend  Eric started  his very own blog. IT’S ABOUT  TIME!  For someone who does a lot of  reading, this will be a great  chance for your dear ftriends to pick his brain. You can start with  this article.
  • Julie was a pleasant read.  I picked  it up   randomly on  the streets of Nairobi  on the virtue of the fact that I enjoyed  Christy  the book. I am sure y’all remember Kellie Martin from the  series and Life Goes On. Julie re-ignited my passion for writing and just being myself.  It also gave me a better understanding of  the  American labour  movement.The Book Thief has been on my  mind lately and I am not sure how to go about writing a review on it.  Maybe watching  the movie that’s coming in November  will help.
  • I am also  happy  that Clare has moved to New York and Sarah taking the plunge and becoming a solopreneur

The sun has finally come out and I am planning to spend more time  on the outdoors. Swimming has been on my mind for a long time  but I have had a few reservations . Finding the right bathing suit has also not helped ;-( . Time to beat them and make most of some life’s little priviledges make use of the less than 90 days left in 2013.

So what have you been upto lately?


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