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Yesterday, just our church pastor was about to deliver the midday sermon the power went… To fill the awkward silence, the pastor broke into a string of choruses and the congregation quickly joined in. We were determined to beat the cold weather…Wonder, how I would in sub-zero conditions?

Anyway, this particular caught my attention:

The things I used to do….I don’t do them anymore

The things I used to have….I don’t do have anymore

The joints I used to go….I don’t do go there anymore

There is a great change since I have been born again…

There is a high wide change, since I have been born again…

( I know that some of you friends are not religious. But please follow me on this one)

I got thinking about the number of times I have wanted to break a habit or even start a new one.

“Kwanzia leo…”

“From today…”

“A partir de hoy….”

I will…

“conquer the snooze/dismiss button”

“leave my abusive/energy-sapping significant other”

“stop lending money to XYZ because he will never return it”

“send out this grad school/job application”

…fill in your blank

Yet, that voice in your head reminds you that you are not capable of rising to the occasion… you end up binge eating, drinking, and mindless TV watching…

Why I am telling you this?

This is a daily struggle for me…I have to conquer that voice in my head that makes me doubt my ability as an aspiring blogger/financial expert/potential wife/potential mother…

I am sure that you do too…maybe just different roles, upcoming projects, (fill in your blank)

So why do we go back to our vomit ( not my words, just the Good Book’s)?

Disappointed by others

Not receiving a quick fix a.k.a. instant gratification

Memories of someone calling you “average”

Maybe that job/project etc was not meant for you after all…

It’s time that you find your moment of obligation.  That moment that you feel that if you don’t achieve your heart’s desire your very existence is at stake.

Lara Galinsky offers these tips on finding your moment of obligation…

Friends,  this week let us move away from the things that make us self-destruct, let us drop all the baggage or clutter that seem to be holding us back.  Let us break the vicious cycle of pain in our lives. Let us paint our shudder picture or victory picture and take steps to achieve our goal…whether big or small.

Let me know how it goes….

Yours truly,



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