Carole Mandi, Publisher Carole Mandi Media.

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Previously on Kerry’s  Blog, I shared what I had learnt from Norah Odwesso at  Networking  in Heels.  So  today, I will conclude this two-part series with  words of wisdom from Carole Mandi.

Carole is no stranger to Kenyan audiences. She  is a force to a force to reckon with the publishing word and was the host of  the TV talk show Sebuleni  a couple of years  back. Today, she  is the owner of Carole Mandi Media that publishes  True Love East Africa, Drum and other lifestyle magazines. Actually, I bought this month’s issue just because the Moipei sisters were on the cover and its quality is quite similar to Elle, Vogue…you get my drift.

Carole Mandi  told us that she views herself as a storyteller and a cheerleader for Kenyan women. In her segment, she summed up her life lesson in the following nuggets. If you would like the summarised version, please scroll down to the bottom.  Otherwise, long form is definitely worth your time.

  • Everything adds up. We are a sum total of our experiences so ensure that you do your time in the trenches i.e lotsa hard work, not forgetting the blood,sweat and tears. It also helps to have those self-tough-love conversations just to assess your progress.
  • Do what  you have to do, to do what you want to do
  • Create your own luck

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  • Pray
  • Do you !
  • Keep in touch.   Never lose touch your networks especially your family and (good) friends. Never be too busy for them.
  • The candle only burns at one end -Carole Mandi
  • Life unfolds as it should. See  point #1
  • Be a crusader
  • Be a cheerleader.  I vividly remember  Carole quoting Madeline Albright

There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women

  • Learn to manage your downside (something that Norah also mentioned)
  • Implement daily. Do something ALREADY!!!  (The emphasis is mine, btw)
  • Be an expert juggler. Carole says that it all knowing what balls you actually need to keep.
  • Delegate.  Ms. Mandi  passionately spoke about asking help especially around the home. It’s important that you treat your house-help…ahem House Manager well, because  you entrust  your home and your kids to her  while you  continue hustling.  Aside from the COTU requirements, try to improve his or her life  and break the cycle of poverty in his/her life. For more clarification, read Kathryn Stockett’s The Help or watch the movie.
  • Going to the salon is  part of your job description.

In short:


Tend your aspirations

Have well chosen experiences

All in all, I had a blast. I got to meet a couple of interesting people that I hoping to have deeper connections with, I got to use my  interesting people fund and also unwind. Looking forward to next Networking in Heels event.


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