Fave Things #15

What is an Emotional Intelligence Mentor?

On that note, this really bothers me: Why Men Don’t Mentor Younger Women

Sweet and Sour Fish-1-3

I tried out this fishy recipe over the weekend with a couple of variations: I didn’t make it to the store in time so I made it without the red and yellow bell peppers and pineapples,  used Del Monte Pineapple & Orange juice instead of fresh juice but I had to reduce the amount of sugar, I put in. Plus instead of cornstarch, I used coconut cream. I was proud of my results once I got over my fear of backfiring-experimenting ain’t good when you have guests. and it seems to be quite a hit.  ( I would like to thank my quite able assistant  Louis)

Proverbs 31 for the modern woman 1|2|3 from Smelling Coffee

Though I don’t shop on-line a lot, Things remembered has given me great ideas for gifts for different occassions.  Check out their boards

2 Comments Add yours

  1. sogugu says:

    I want the recipe! I want! I want! I WAAAANT!


    1. Lillian says:

      Here’s the link: http://pinchofyum.com/healthy-sweet-and-sour-fish
      I liked it but ease up on the sugar


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