Me and my sisters at a wedding

I am sure that you have been wondering why I have been a bit quiet for a couple of days…Well, between work and attending weddings, visiting new bundles of joy, hosting friends for lunch, mourning the loss of a father figure…I have not had enough time to myself. I know. It’s dangerous!That’s why this post will not have threads of continuity I am hoping that with Labour day tomorrow, I can at least get myself a bit more organised. 

In-spite of all the craziness,  I am proud to report that I have managed to squeeze in a couple of things that I love doing or at least to calm myself.

I have been listening to CCG’s podcasts  and they have been  quite  eye-opening.  My favourite so far has been the interview with Shinjini Das. Great way to keep busy in a crazy Nairobi jam.

I picked up a copy of Time 100 issue. I loved the fact that they put Malala on the top most cover. I also the black and white photographs  of all the other most influential people.


I have to acknowledge Sheryl’s and Marissa’s power dresses.



I loved this picture of Anna and I had to find out what book that she was reading. It turns out that A Well-Educated Mind is a best-seller. I managed to get an extract of The Well Educated Mind from the website  but I lost the specific link. Susan, I will make sure to update this post once I get the specific URL.

Women in the World conference that went down a couple of days ago has been   stories have been causing a buzz so decided to check out their website and I was inspired by this story and this story.

By the way, I miss school!!!

Thinking of an information diet?

I am really excited about going to a networking event in early May…I will keep you posted.

Yours truly


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