Over the last couple of months, my friends have complained about two  three things:

You have lost so much weight!

Why did you cut your hair?

Why are so quiet?  What they really mean: We do not see or hear much from you these days…

Well, #1 is true. I am a VERY different person (dropped almost 4 dress sizes) from when I was in high school and college.  Being almost vegetarian (I  partake of fish and diary products) has helped and I have been forced to find REALLY diverse eating options just to keep my energy levels high.  Please remind me to tell you about my early Sunday morning trips to Marikiti (our Nairobi-version of a farmers’ market) in another post. FYI! Calling a girl  ‘macho-nne’  (four-eyes) is no way to grab her attention!  With the help of my dear mother, I am discovering that making chapati is not that tedious.(Between you and me, she just wants to ensure that I am marriage material.) That said, I am still working on the exercise bit of my health. I have discovered that my health is my priority so I am a work-in-progress.

#2. I felt it was 2013  and  I needed to do something different and daring. Plus as you all know, African hair is  needs a bit more dedication that included  spending a couple of hours at the hair salon… in short: I do not  have the patience of the saints.

#3 Growing up, I was a stutterer and  I hated the fact that I could not fully express myself. As years went  by and I took control of my problem, I did a lot more speaking than listening thus missing out on the not-so-obvious parts of conversation. I was getting their words but not paying attention to their body language and other underlying messages. I  re-examined myself and also discovered that I am a INFP (a.k.a Healer) according to Myers-Briggs.

I believe that I am growing into myself and discovering who I really I am. That also includes spending time with myself. I love window-shopping alone.I love looking browsing in music stores, book stores and libraries for hours and talking  to the attendants. Try it some time. You might be surprises at the pearls of wisdom that you might collect. I delight in treating myself to a heavenly smoothie at Ankara. I love spending time in my space, reading, journalling or browsing the inter-webs and lately updating Kerry’s Blog, having a private listening (sing-a-long) party… More recently, I am  putting all my knick-knacks into a scrapbook, all thanks to a beautiful mess.

I know. I know. Man is a zoo politica. I working on spending more time with my  family including  cousin Luis. It’s also been a while since I have been to Kajiado and I miss the simple life and the big-hearted girls. Sharon has also promised to take me to Hisia Zangu to meet some cool writers and spoken-word artists so  I am going to hold her to her word. I have not forgotten my other good friends as well. There’s also my networking challenge that I am working on… so my diary is full already!

All in all, I do not believe in being alone…too much

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2 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. I like the new you. I am secretly envious of the fact that you are now able to experiment with shampoo, but short hair suites you. I know a little about weight gain in high school and the scars that came with hurtful remarks when it didn’t shed off thereafter. My Gran is always saying that I’m tiny.
    True, I haven’t seen you in too long, but I am partly to blame. The last time we were at a shoe shop together was when I realized that you have an inner fashionister (unsure of spelling).
    Alone time is healthy. I enjoy my own company and this week is one of those weeks when I plan to read, meditate, sleep early and do the things I love.
    Cheers to life, friendship/family and QT!


    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. My inner fashionista can be attributed to Style with Elsa Klensch, remember her from CNN back in the day, when TV was TV. ;-). About time, I get it, we have suddenly grown up and now have “Adult” things to do…Looking forward to catching up.


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