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My good friend Fred, used to tell me that  worrying or being overly-anxious is like paying for an expense that you have not yet incurred and might never even in incur (paraphrased). Y ‘all know how emotionally taxing this can be.

Does he like me or does he like me not?

Will I make it in time for  the meeting with the head of state?

Will I make it to the finish line?

Will I see my grandchildren and I am only 22?  

The Kenyan (and world) economy is in such as a mess. Is my job really secure? Do I have enough savings in case I’m laid-off in the second round?

What if this lump on my …. is cancerous?

What will this new government offer me and my people?

Is it the end of the world yet?

Well, all the above concerns have a valid basis but by letting worry take control, we give our power to  the unknown.

I hope that these encouraging words from Corrie Ten Boom will move you enough to take control your future. Do. Something. About. It.

How do you handle your feelings of worry and anxiety? Please let me know. 

Have a worry-free weekend!

Yours truly,


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