…I started wearing glasses at the age of 9 and they were red in colour

…all the women in my nuclear family wear glasses

…I wear shoe size 3 and I occasionally get bubblegummers shoes from Bata shoe store

…I never climbed trees as a child

….I can neither drive a car nor ride a bike…and I am a quarter of a century old.

….all the scars I  got on my legs were from all the metal boxes that were conveniently arranged along the St.GGA girls’ dorms especially when the teacher on duty was making rounds past lights-out and  I was eager to share my holiday stories with my friends.

…I am pain averse. The very thought of a sharp object piercing my skin scares me.

…I love the minimalist look: my philosophy is less is more especially when it comes to colour . Black is a colour, right?

…I can’t get enough of Dear America series. I don’t know where this obsession came from?!!!

…Il Divo is one of my all time favourite quartet. I can’t get enough of Time of our Lives, La fuerza mayor, Por ti sere, Llorando….

…Large masses of water overwhelm me. This is before I watched  Titanic. Lakes, oceans and seas have a calm effecting on me but at the same time, scares me with its power.

…my quest for idealism has gotten me into trouble with my friends and family and sometimes keeps me awake at night.

…I have been a lacto-ovo-vegeterian since 2006 and there’s no turning back!

… I treasure children’s innocence. Just looking into their  eyes and smiles makes me feel that they can read my soul.

…I envy my sisters’ creativity and guts respectively.

…I only watch football during World Cups

…I hate the adjective “nice”. I find it quite vague and safe

….I have never read John Grishams and Sidney Sheldons

…I have only read one Jacky Collins in my lifetime. I think it was Hollywood wives. I didn’t even finish it.

…I fear being hypocrite especially in light of Casting Crowns’ Stain Glass Masquerade.

…I would love to pick Charles Kanjama and R.N’s brains

The Devil Wears Prada is one of my all-time favourite movies. All aspiring interns should watch it.

…I talk to myself especially  when I am angry

…it’s not good idea to leave me alone with a packet of chevda

….When  I become a grandma, I hope I will be as  hip and funky as Julie Andrews’ character in The Princess Diaries.

…I am human

I got this is idea from Clare, who in turn was inspired by Alexandra Frazen and Hillary Weiss .

3 thoughts on “If you really knew me, you’d know…

  1. I would say don’t let up on your quest for idealism……..but once in a while,make a trip to the real world.Your blogs are quite impressive I must say.Great work indeed.


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