I know by now 3/4 of the blogging world has said goodbye to 2012 and welcomed 2013. So now, It’s my turn:
For me, 2012 was one of those years that just zoomed by and I can honestly say that one good thing came out of it: Kerry’s Blog.  I may have mentioned earlier that I have always wanted to be published but I did not know how. I thank God for the people who invented the internet. Despite, its various disadvantages, I can honestly that I have grown because of it. Maybe even… addicted.
I started this blog in August 2011 on a whim and quickly lost the enthusiasm to keep on writing.  When I  stumbled upon Clare Herbert’s blog in mid 2012, I thought: Wow! There’s someone in Ireland with whom I share interests?  If she can do it, what’s stopping me?  She inspired me to keep on writing and introduced me to other great bloggers: Sarah, Susannah, Akhila, Leslie, Jenny, Roxanne, (seems young women are doing it for themselves ;-))… and as I said Iron sharpens Iron. Thank you for mentoring me unknowingly and helping me find my voice.
This space has allowed me to reflect about gender issues: men playing dirty , guys pulling disappearing acts. I shared why I am a geek with a bit of help from Kermit the Frog as well as a couple of book reviews that I enjoyed with in the year. Don’t forget all my favourite links. After reading Greg Smith’s Why I left Goldman Sachs, I explored what other people as thought of success and Dorie Clark told me that there are early bloomers and late bloomers.
On a more personal note, I finally told the world about my speech problem, how naïve I once was and what disgusts me. Anyway, a girl can only be human. Plus, I included a wonderful quote by Theo Roosevelt and warned you of our everyday grinches.


I complete my Unravelling my 2013 Workbook,  early on Christmas morning and I am already referring to it and adjusting it here and there.
Just in case you are wondering what my word for 2013 is: MOVEMENT.
I chose this word because I felt that I am not acting enough on my dreams, fears and of course failures.
I want to move away from or through the things or relationships (work, family et al) that are not bringing me joy. I am proud of the daily successes such being comfortable with saying no and working on my lists. Yes, I believe in the power of lists.
As for career: its Graduate school or bust!!! I think I have put it off for far too long and I just miss being in class,  the intellectual discussions, making friends out of my classmates, interacting with lecturers, dreading assessments and the rush of beating deadlines.  This just brought to mind one of Roxanne’s posts: Death by reading.

Speaking of books, you can catch up with me on Goodreads. You will notice that a majority of my to-read books are apart of the Dear America series.  I strongly believe that are collectible items#enoughsaid.
This year, I plan spending more time with the wonderful girls of Kajiado Rehab Centre, do some local tourism and definitely visit my beautiful home county of Nyamira.

I am not gym rat but I do promise to move away from my desk more often to enjoy the wonderful equatorial sun and walk more, thanks to the ngomas I recently acquired.  I am also keen on improving my diet; people think Kenyan vegetarians only eat ugali and managu. I am learning a couple pf new recipes including groundnut sauce with boiled sweet potatoes a.k.a ngwaci.

As you all know, 2013 is a defining year in Kenyan politics: We will be celebrating 50 years of independence. but before we enjoy the cake, we will have to elect our fourth president  and other leaders under our new constitution. After 2007/8 post-election violence, I really did not feeling like queuing for hours just to cast my vote for blood shedding again. However, I reminded myself that I earned the right to make to a better Kenya:  by birth and by paying taxes (every time I purchase a good/service and on my monthly payslip, OUCH!). I also want to have the right the hold the leaders when some thing horrible happens e.g. on-going Tana River Massacre. Kenyans, I hope we are now smarter.

I also look forward to interacting with more people on cyber-space, including You.

Here’s to 2013: The Year of Movement and Possibilities


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